Too Beautiful, 5 Historic Sites in Germany that You Must Visit

Too Beautiful, 5 Historic Sites in Germany that You Must Visit

Vacationing in a country, will not be complete if you do not learn the history of that country. Including if you visit Germany. This country, which is located in Western Europe, is not only known for its economic or technological progress, but also for its long history, especially during World War I.

And even though now life in Germany is modern, you can still find historic sites that are hundreds of years old and even included in UNESCO world heritage sites. As reported by, here are five historical sites that must be included in the must-visit tourist destinations!

  1. Wartburg Castile

Built in the Middle Ages, Wartburg Castile, or Wartburg Castle, located in the city of Eisenach, has indeed become one of the favorite destinations for local and foreign tourists. Formerly this place was the residence of Princess Elizabeth of the Kingdom of Hungary.

Uniquely, although it has been renovated many times, the German government is trying to maintain the original structure. Now because this castle is on a hilltop, those of you who are interested in visiting Wartburg castle must be willing to spend time going into the forest and climbing to get to this beautiful old castle.

  1. Rhine Valley

The Rhine Valley is arguably one of the most beautiful valleys in Germany. Like a valley in a fairy tale, the Rhine valley is dotted with rivers, old houses, and wineries, complete with several centuries-old castles from the Middle Ages.

Located between Koblenz and Bingen, the river in the Rhine valley was not only used for the life of residents but also became a trade route and even war. Because of its history and beauty, in 2002 UNESCO designated the Rhine valley as a world heritage site.

  1. Sanssouc Park, Potsdam

Sanssouci Park or also known as Postdam Park is part of the Sanssouci palace complex which was the summer retreat of the Prussian king, Frederick the Great. Built-in 1704, just like other palace complexes, the Sanssouci palace is also surrounded by a beautiful garden complete with statues and fountains.

So beautiful, the Sanssouc Park complex also earned the nickname Vers Versailles Berlin.

  1. Augustusburg Castile and Falkenlust

Another palace complex that is also a UNESCO world heritage site is Augustusburg Castile and Falkenlust. Built-in the 18th century, Augustusburg Castile was home to princes and archbishops. While the Falkenlust hut is a resting hut used by the princes after they finish hunting eagles.

Now, these two places have turned into interesting tourist destinations that you must visit while on vacation in Germany.

  1. Old Town of Regensburg

Regensburg is one of the oldest surviving cities in Germany. Regensburg’s old town itself dates back to the 12th century, and just like any other city, Regensburg is filled with historic old buildings. There are a total of 1,500 buildings here, including people’s houses.

In addition to residents’ houses, you can also find a French Gothic-style cathedral, to an ancient square. Because almost all of the buildings are hundreds of years old, it is not surprising that the atmosphere in this city is very different from other cities in Germany.

Apart from a different atmosphere, these sites also let you learn about the history that you won’t find in history books!