These 5 Coolest Tourist Places in Nuremberg-Germany You Should Know!

These 5 Coolest Tourist Places in Nuremberg, Germany

Who doesn’t know Nuremberg? This medieval city, rich in historical value, is the most important artistic and cultural center in Germany. This city has always been associated with advances in science and technology.

So, it is not new if Nuremberg is often one of the favorite destinations in Germany that are visited by many tourists.

To find out more about fun tourist attractions in Nuremberg, here are 5 recommendations. Listen!

  1. Spielzeugmuseum

Located in an old building dating back to 1517, the Spielzeugmuseum is the world’s leading museum in which there are many interesting collections for all ages, from children to adults.

Many unique old toys come from different countries and periods. Most eye-catching is the world’s largest toy made by EP Lehmann, one of the country’s most famous toy manufacturers.

  1. Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds

The Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds is one of Germany’s most important museums whose construction is dedicated to the memory of the country’s darkest history.

The building stands on an area of ​​1,300 square meters, you can explore it on a self-guided or guided tour. Later you will be presented with an English video display and audio tour.

  1. Nuremberg Castle

The castle was the residence of all German kings and emperors from 1050 to 1571. The best way to make the most of your visit here is to take a walking tour. For 2 hours the tour guide will explain all the information about the castle in English.

  1. Germanic National Museum

The Germanic National Museum is home to the country’s largest collection of German art and culture. There are more than 1.3 million collections consisting of historical documents, musical instruments, sculptures, and paintings.

The museum building is very unique because it combines a mix of historical and modern buildings.

After exploring the museum, you can take a break to enjoy the delicious local dishes at the cafe near the museum as well as buy knick-knacks at the gift shop.

  1. Hauptmarkt

After being satisfied with visiting many exciting and fun tourist attractions, now is the time for you to spend your last days in Nuremberg by visiting the Hauptmarkt.

For centuries, this place has become a traditional market. The most eye-catching spot is the magnificent 14th-century building with its beautiful fountain. Don’t miss the chance to touch the fountain’s golden ring which is said to bring good luck.

Nuremberg could be the next destination for a vacation. There are lots of exciting tourist destinations to visit. Which one are you interested in visiting first?