The 5 Most Spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Berlin-Germany

The 5 Most Spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Berlin, Germany

As a country with a long history, of course, Germany has many historical heritage buildings or heritage that come from the past.

Many sites in Germany are included in the official UNESCO world heritage list. Five of them are in the city of Berlin, which is the nation’s capital. Here’s the complete list.

  1. Museum Island

Berlin’s iconic Museum Island houses world-famous collections. There are five museums with beautiful architecture that are all on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The five museums are the Pergamon Museum, the Bode Museum, the Neues Museum, the Alte National Gallery, and the Altes Museum. Visitors will see historical and architectural wonders, with Ancient Egyptian relics, Byzantine artifacts, and century art.

  1. Pfaueninsel

Pfaueninsel is between Berlin and Potsdam. This place is a beautiful island that houses a fairy tale castle, lush surroundings, as well as a flock of peacocks.

The castle is dominated by white. While the garden is filled with flowers that invite visitors to explore its beauty. at their own pace. This place has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1990.

  1. Schloss Cecilienhof

Schloss Cecilienhof is a palace occupied by the last members of the German royal family named Wilhelm and Cecilie of Prussia. This place serves as the site of the summit known as the Potsdam Conference.

As such, it became the site of the official peace negotiations that ultimately ended World War II and divided Germany. The castle also has a beautiful garden and is worth a visit.

  1. Sanssouci Palace and Gardens

Sanssouci Palace has been attracting tourists for years. The palace was built in the 1740s as the summer retreat of the Prussian king Frederick the Great.

The palace consists of ten beautifully decorated rooms. The surrounding spacious gardens are also very beautiful, complete with Neues Palais, large statues, fountains, and Chinese teahouses.

  1. Chorin Monastery

Chorin Monastery is a monastery located in Schorfheide. This place promises an amazing view of the lake and nature around it.

There are also impressive Gothic architectural remains. The monastery was built in the 13th century and the former monastery remains one of the most important surviving monuments of the early Gothic architectural style in Brandenburg.

These places offer unforgettable views. So, if you have a chance to Berlin, visit the important sites above.