Heidelberg, a fairy tale land that survived the enormity of World War II

Heidelberg, Germany

Who does not agree that Paris is the symbol of a romantic city in the world? Many couples, especially newly married couples want to feel more romantic in their relationship by visiting this city which is famous for its Eiffel Tower. Not only with a partner, but many single travelers come to this city just to fulfill their curiosity. But it seems that Germans have other ways to enjoy the romantic city atmosphere. They have Heidelberg which they call the romantic city of the past.

Heidelberg is one of the cities that survived the enormity of World War II which made Germany at that time the saddest time in the country’s history. Although it survived, many buildings also suffered war damage. But not as bad as other cities.

This medieval romantic city is in the state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg. It is about a 1-hour drive by car from Frankfurt city, Heidelberg is the most famous old city tour in Germany.

The most identical when hearing the name Heidelberg is the castle which was partially destroyed by war and left alone. Built-in the 13th century (1398-1410), Heidelberg Castle sits atop a hill on the banks of the Neckar River. Once entering the castle area, the atmosphere of the reign of Prince Elector Ruprecht III who was the one who ordered the construction of this castle was very thick. Its construction was not completed during the reign of Ruprecht III and continued in the next government. This castle consists of several parts of the building. Forts were also built here to protect the castle from enemies. Unfortunately on March 6, 1689, this castle came under heavy attack from King Louis XIV of France. Not half-hearted, for four years Louis XIV incessantly attacked this castle and caused severe damage. It is said that Louis XIV was jealous of the beauty and splendor of the Renaissance castle which defeated the beauty of the Renaissance castles in his country at that time.

Heidelberg Kastil Castle

The fort that was destroyed by war and not repaired until now as historical evidence

In addition to the building where the king lived, there was also a basement for storage. Here there is a large cask for wine storage which is the largest in the world. This cask is capable of storing wine for 1000 people per day. In the past, people preferred to drink wine because the water in Heidelberg was contaminated and could cause various diseases.

There is also a pharmacy room that served as a place to store medicines in the royal era. Currently, this room has been used as a museum and visitors can read a lot of the history of medicine here, such as the history of aspirin. Some medicines that we often encounter in Indonesia such as coconut, tamarind, and sulfur are also in the collection of this museum.

There are two ways to reach Heidelberg Castle. The first takes the wooden train from Heidelberg Old Town and takes a car or bus up the hill. There are more than 300 steps to climb on foot to reach the castle. Your sweat to climb the stairs will not be in vain with the results you get. By paying 5 Euros, you can witness one of the most phenomenal historical evidence of all time. I don’t know how many films, novels, and songs have been created as a result of being inspired by this castle.

Descend from the castle and walk for 15 minutes, your steps will stop at the Old Town of Heidelberg which is touted as one of the Fairy Tale Towns in the world. It has baroque-style architecture and historical buildings that were almost untouched by World War II bombs, making this place very unique. This Old Town is also a gathering point for various tourist attractions that are the target of tourists.

Heidelberg Old Town

Still in the Old Town area, there is Heidelberg University which is the oldest university in Germany and there is also the “Zum Ritter” Hotel which is the oldest building in Heidelberg. Opposite the Hotel ‘Zum Ritter’ is the Church of the Holy Spirit (Heilig Geist Kirche) which is the largest church in Heidelberg.

From the Church of the Holy Spirit turn left, stands the oldest bridge in Germany. Its original name was Karl Theodor Bridge, but it is better known as the Old Bridge. It was first built in 1248. The material, which at that time was only made of wood, made this bridge not durable and often damaged. During the reign of Prince Karl Theodor, in 1788, a sturdy concrete bridge was built, although the supporting pillars were also destroyed by bombs in World War II. But now the Old Bridge has recovered.

The Old Heidelberg Bridge is only intended for pedestrians so that tourists can enjoy the beauty of the city of Heidelberg maximally. The view to the right of the bridge makes people strongly agree with Fairy Tale Town’s nickname for Heidelberg. Architectural houses inherited from the past are lined up neatly and beautifully. Above it stands Heidelberg Castle, which is a symbol of medieval German romanticism. While on the left side of this river, green trees are refreshing to the eyes, neatly maintained, and shady.

Karl Theodor Bridge (Old Bridge)

Karl Theodor Bridge and Neckar River as seen from Heidelberg Castle

One of the unique things about this bridge is the statue of a monkey in the mirror. The statue was not made without meaning but was intended for the citizens of Heidelberg themselves. This means that before the residents of Heidelberg consider other people bad, they should first reflect on whether they are better than people outside Heidelberg.

Turn right from the Old Bridge, precisely on Bergstrasse, you will find the Philosophenweg (Philosopher’s Street) which is about 2 meters long. The location is in the Neuenheim district. At the end of this road is a hill with a beautiful garden from which you can see the beauty of Heidelberg from the other side. It was given the name Philosophenweg because, in the past, philosophers from the University of Heidelberg used to pass by on this road, whether it was for inspiration or just sitting on a hill to refresh the mind.

Heidelberg, a Fairy Tale Land that Survived the Terrific World War IIsonne-wolken.de
There are still many historical buildings that you can find in Heidelberg. If you want to travel to Heidelberg, it’s a good idea to visit Heidelberg Castle first because its position is on a hill and will require more energy. Apart from that, it is also advantageous. Usually, in the morning there are still a few tourists who come and you can more freely enjoy Heidelberg Castle. The later the number of tourists will be more crowded, especially in summer.

If you are tired of walking in the middle of the city, water tourism can also be an option. There is a tour boat that will take you to enjoy the Neckar up close. Prices start from 5 Euros, depending on the length and purpose. If you don’t like big boats, you can also row your boat with a canoe and stop in the middle of the Neckar to blend with nature.

You can find history, science, natural beauty, and fairy tale life at the same time in Heidelberg. So there’s nothing wrong with Heidelberg being included in your next travel wishlist.