9 Beautiful Portraits of Aachen City, Silent Witness Habibie’s Journey in Germany!

9 Beautiful Portraits of Aachen City, Germany

Bacharudin Jusuf Habibie is one of the nation’s best sons who has knowledge and intelligence above average. In his youth, in 1955, Habibie left for Germany to study aeronautical engineering in the city of Aachen.

The city of Aachen is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Here are ten beautiful portraits of the City of Aachen which are silent witnesses of Habibie’s journey in his youth!

  1. The city of Aachen is located in western Germany and has a population of about 260 million people
  2. In this city, there is one of the best engineering colleges in the world, namely RWTH Aachen. In this place, young Habibie studied in Germany.
  3. When visiting this city, come to the Three Point Countries tourist attraction, where the borders of the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium meet
  4. The city of Aachen is very rich in history as it was the birthplace of Emperor Charlemagne who reigned from 800-814 AD
  5. This beautiful city was badly damaged during World War II
  6. One of the important buildings in this city is the town hall. It is said that the building was built from the ruins of Charlemagne’s palace
  7. In this city, there is Aachen Cathedral, one of the oldest cathedrals in Germany which was built in 790-800 AD
  8. There is a unique tradition when visiting Aachen, namely the Christmas night market or commonly called Maastricht Winterland
  9. At the night market, you can not only buy Christmas supplies, but also other necessities such as souvenirs

Those are nine beautiful portraits of the city of Aachen that had been a silent witness to the late Habibie in Germany. A city is very rich in history. Mandatory, here, included in your vacation list!