8 Artistic Places in Dresden That Are Tourist Destinations When Visiting Germany

8 Artistic Places in Dresden, Germany

Dresden, a city that used to be included in the territory of East Germany, has become one of the underrated tourist destinations in Germany. When on vacation to Germany, tourists usually choose Germany, Frankfurt, and Hamburg as their tourist destinations.

Even though Dresden has many artistic places you can make it a tourist destination when you happen to be traveling to Germany. Here is the list.

  1. Kunsthofpassage

This is an area with several flat buildings whose exteriors are very artsy. In one building with a bright blue color, you can see several water pipe installations installed in such a way. When it rains, it will create a unique sound that will remind anyone of this place.

  1. Pfunds Molkerei

This place is the most artistic dairy restaurant and grocery store in the world. The floors, walls, and even the storefront are made of mosaic tiles and marble with a classy pattern.

No wonder this shop has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records. This restaurant is also hundreds of years old and fortunately survived the massive bombing that took place during World War II.

  1. Dresden Frauenkirche

Dresden Frauenkirche is a church that was destroyed by World War II but was successfully restored and became one of the largest Protestant churches in the world.

When it fell to pieces after the big bomb dropped on Dresden, this church had been left in disrepair for years. Until finally began to be repaired after West and East Germany united.

  1. Schwebebahn Dresden

You can find this view if you ride a unique cable car that only exists in Dresden. With its old-school cable car design, you are also taken to see the view of the city of Dresden from a height. The fare is 3 euros for one person.

  1. Dresdner Zwinger

This magnificent building is a palace complex with Baroque-style architecture. With its unique shape, it has become one of the main cultural heritage in Germany.

Inside, you can find a large collection of sculptures and ceramic carvings that were collected by their previous owners from all over the world.

  1. Yenidze

Many think this building is a mosque because of its dome shape. This building was once a Yenidze cigarette factory. The name is also slightly influenced by the Turkish language because the tobacco they use is imported from Turkey.

The cigarette factory is no longer operational, but this building is still used for offices and has become one of the landmarks of the city of Dresden.

  1. Filmtheater Schauburg

This is a cinema in Dresden which is quite attractive in terms of its exterior. With its vibrant colors and neon lights that glow when it’s dark, it’s a frequent location for plays and film screenings by local artists. The interior is also made in a theatrical format.

  1. Furstenzug

Different from contemporary murals that are brightly colored and contemporary in style, this mural in Dresden has been around since the 19th century. Precisely made during the inauguration procession of a state territory in East Germany at that time.

This mural is not only made of ordinary paint, in the 1900s the local government replaced it with porcelain to make it more durable and its beauty does not fade easily.

It’s really beautiful and interesting tourist attractions above! So, are you still hesitating to visit Dresden?