5 Tourist Destinations in the City of Bonn, Germany that You Shouldn’t Miss

5 Tourist Destinations in the City of Bonn, Germany

Bonn was known as the capital of West Germany until 1990. That’s why this city is a witness to German history and is also one of the most important cities in the country.

Regarding tourism, this city also has several interesting places that can be your holiday destination while on vacation in Germany. What are some tourist destinations that you can visit while in Bonn? Here are five of them.

  1. Haus der Geschichte

Haus der Geschichte is a museum dedicated to German history, from the end of the World War era to the present day. You will be transported back to the 1950s by watching a movie in an old cinema.

In addition, there is also a collection of old Mercedes cars that appeared during the war era. Not to forget, Haus der Geschichte has an underground museum created after the discovery of the ruins of a Roman forge from the 2nd century AD, during excavations at the beginning of the museum’s construction.

  1. Bonn Minster

Built-in the 11th century, Bonn Minster is one of the oldest churches in the country. This magnificent church was built on the ruins of a temple dating back to Roman times. Its charming architecture makes anyone amazed when they see it.

However, some parts of the church are damaged and only a few have been renovated. Five towers that stand firm and semi-circular arched windows are the hallmark of Rome so attached to Bonn Minster. The interior itself has a gothic style and a hint of baroque.

  1. Altes Rathaus

Located in the main square of Bonn City, Altes Rathaus is an 18th-century town hall that is still used as it was. The town hall has now become the most important landmark of the City of Bonn to attract tourists.

Unlike most town halls in Germany, which carry a complex and very grand theme, Altes Rathaus has a very simple appearance. With its roof windows and rococo architecture, the Altes Rathaus is a must-see historic building.

  1. Poppelsdorf Palace

Poppelsdorf Palace is now part of the University of Bonn. The palace was built in 1715 on the land of the former Poppelsdorf Castle which was destroyed by war in the 16th century. Poppelsdorf Palace is one of the most important Baroque architectural relics in Germany, you know.

The front facade of this palace takes a classic French design. Don’t forget to also enter it, where the center of this room has an Italian style with a circular floor plan.

  1. Botanical Garden

Just like most the botanical gardens in Europe, the Bonn Botanical Garden is also the observation site of the city’s most famous universities, especially if not the University of Bonn. About eight thousand species of plants are now a landscape of botanical gardens today, you know.

Not only that, Bonn Botanical Gardens has five large greenhouses containing subtropical ferns, rainforest species, Mediterranean plants, to various cacti. The Botanical Garden can be an interesting educational destination in Bonn.

These five tours can be your reference when on vacation to Germany, especially in the city of Bonn one day. So you don’t have to be confused about where else to go!