5 Tourist Destinations in Magdeburg, Germany that Make Vacations So Comfortable

5 Tourist Destinations in Magdeburg, Germany

The name Magdeburg comes from the German word Matche which means “power”, while Burg means “city”. So the meaning of the word Magdeburg is “Powerful City”. Yep, this is because Magdeburg is an autonomous city that has the right to regulate its territory.

Not only that, this city which is located on the banks of the Elbe river is also famous for its various tourist destinations. Starting from multifunctional towers, unique buildings, parks, and botanical gardens, to historical sites, everything should be on your bucket list.

  1. Jahrtausendturm

As one of the tallest wooden towers in the world, the 60-meter-high Jahrtausendturm was erected in 1999. This tower functions as a science exhibition space that promises visitors exciting interactive activities.

This tower has six floors, each floor contains certain collections. One of the most sought-after fun activities by tourists here is the extraordinary telescope that is said to be able to view the clock tower of the Cathedral of Magdeburg.

  1. Hundertwasser’s Green Citadel of Magdeburg

Located in downtown Magdeburg, Hundertwasser’s Green Citadel is a complex of apartments, shops, cafes, hotels, and even a kindergarten that has a unique concept. The building, which was designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, is aimed at greening the city.

The combination of Baroque and Gothic styles in it seems to give the impression that this building is more like an 11th-century cathedral or Roman monastery. This is one of the most unique tourist destinations in a very popular city.

  1. Elbauenpark

Elbauenpark is a recreational park that is always busy because it becomes a family vacation destination when the weekend arrives. The park was built in 1999 on 100 hectares of land which was a former World War II landfill.

The green area of ​​this park is perfect for accompanying you and your family on a picnic. Coupled with a variety of fun educational rides, of course, it won’t make many people think that there were once firearms and explosives scattered around this place.

  1. Gruson-Gewächshäuser

Gruson-Gewächshäuser is a botanical garden in the city of Magdeburg set in a futuristic glass room. The garden was founded by the late plant collector Hermann Gruson who bequeathed his entire collection to the city of Magdeburg.

This greenhouse was officially opened to the public in 1896 and was later expanded in 1910. The botanical garden which contains more than 3000 species of plants is also not spared from the damage caused by the Second World War. But the local government quickly returned it to its original state.

  1. Magdeburg Cathedral

One more tourist destination that must be visited is Magdeburg. Namely, the most famous historical site in the city, especially if not the Magdeburg Cathedral. The cathedral, which was built in the period from the 13th to the 16th centuries, is the oldest Gothic cathedral in Germany.

Not only that, but this cathedral also has a museum that stores a lot of antiques to modern art. That’s why, apart from being a place of worship, this cathedral has another role as a very interesting educational tourism destination.

Magdeburg has many tourist destinations that are worth visiting when on vacation in Germany. Some of them also seem unique and fun. So what are you waiting for? Ready to go there this year?