These are 5 Tourist Destinations in Germany with Beautiful and Magnificent Architecture

These are 5 Tourist Destinations in Germany

Germany is one of the countries in Europe that has a long and dark history. In past Germany was divided into 2, namely West Germany and East Germany. But now Germany is back together.

As a country with a long history, it is natural that Germany has a lot of old buildings that are silent witnesses of history. Even though the building was built centuries ago, it still stands strong today.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many tourists from various countries come to Germany because they are interested in visiting these magnificent and amazing buildings.

  1. Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate or the Brandenburg Gate is a very famous historical building in Berlin. Every day many tourists come to visit here or just to take a walk. In addition, many tourists are also interested in taking pictures at the Brandenburg Gate. It’s no wonder because the architecture is so majestic and beautiful.

The Brandenburg Gate was built in 1764 during the reign of Emperor Friedrich Wilhelm II. The architect who built the Brandenburg Gate was Carl Gotthard Langhans.

The Acropolis Gate in Athens, Greece became his inspiration for building the Brandenburg Gate. In the past, this gate has a very long history, but today it is used as a symbol of peace and unity.

  1. Holstentor

When translated into Indonesian, the name Holstentor means Holsten Gate. This gate is designed using the medieval gothic style in Europe.

Uniquely, the whole building was built using red bricks. Holstentor was built around 1585 and served as the city’s defense against attacks in the West.

In 1863 this building had sunk into the ground and threatened to collapse. So in 1871 repairs began to be carried out even though this building was still sinking. New repairs began successfully carried out in 1933.

From 1950 until now, this building has functioned as a museum.

  1. Victory Column

This victory monument is located right in the center of Berlin, in the Tiergarten city park. The location of this monument is also very close to the Brandenburg Gate. In the past, this monument was built to commemorate the victory of the Prussian war over Denmark in 1864.

Furthermore, Russia again won the battle against France and Austria. And to commemorate the victory, an 8.3-meter-high statue of Dewi Victoria was added to this monument.

Until now, the Victory Column has become one of the destinations in Berlin that are often visited by tourists from various countries.

  1. Hohenzollern Castle

This castle is located near the city of Stuttgart, Baden Wuttemberg province. Although until now this castle still looks majestic standing this building was built in the 11th century and had become a fortress for 30 years, during the Christian and Catholic wars.

But in 1423 this building was destroyed but was renovated again in 1461. This 855-meter-high castle stands majestically on Mount Hohenzollern.

When we are in this castle, it is as if we will be transported back to the passage of time in medieval Germany. No wonder so many tourists are interested in visiting this place.

  1. Cologne Cathedral

From the name alone, you can guess that this building is a Catholic church, located in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. In 1996 this church building was included as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This Catholic church building does look very ancient because it was built in 1248.

The basic material for its manufacture is black marble which was a gift from King Ludwig I of Bavaria. Uniquely, this church building has twin towers as high as 157 meters and is the second tallest tower in Europe after the tower at Ulm Cathedral.

The five buildings above do have very impressive architecture, yes. Even though it was built centuries ago, we can still enjoy the splendor of the building. Therefore, don’t forget to stop by there when you are traveling in Germany.