Recommended Virtual Vacation to Germany, Exciting Explore Only from Home

Recommended Virtual Vacation to Germany, Exciting Explore Only from Home

In a pandemic like today, we inevitably have to postpone plans to various places. There is another way so that we can still vacation, namely with a virtual tour.

Various tourist attractions have provided it, including the German National Tourism Board or the German National Tourist Board (GNTB). GNTB launches some new sites to introduce and bring the German lifestyle and culture to your home.

You can also experience a vacation to Germany just from home.
This time, you can feel the experience of visiting several places in Germany as follows.

  1. Have a great vacation at Bavaria Home Delivery

GNTB provides Bavaria Home Delivery, a site that allows us to visit Bavaria. The site is complemented by videos describing trips to Bavaria.

You will be introduced to Bavarian cultural traditions, handicrafts, and local specialties and foods. You can also get to know local artists or personalities like Tato Lederhosen Michael Thalhammer or baker, Arndt Erbel.

For music lovers, you can visit the special section on Bavarian music. You can check out Loisach Marci, a duo group that combines the sounds of traditional Bavarian instruments with modern electro music.

  1. Virtual tour of the City of Stuttgart

Stuttgart Tourism has provided a variety of virtual experiences on its new site. You can take a virtual tour of the Porsche Museum, listen to the Stuttgart Opera, or enjoy a virtual walking tour of the city.

They show a virtual video of 15 minutes in English. You can see famous tourist attractions to culinary attractions there.

  1. Travel to amazing Saxony

Saxony launched a new site, namely Traeum dich Nach Saxony. this site
allows you to visit Saxony’s cultural heritage to learn
their traditional crafts.

You can also visit palaces, and gardens, and see beautiful natural panoramas. This can be an inspiration for your next vacation.

  1. Have an exciting experience at Berlin Digital

If you want to visit Berlin, stop by the Visit Berlin site. They have provided a range of virtual holiday experiences, from concerts and opera
to live DJs that can be watched directly at home.

You can also visit some museums in Berlin virtually. So, you can get ideas and inspiration about what places to visit when you go to Berlin later.

Well, those are some recommendations for a virtual vacation to Germany that you can enjoy from home. Hopefully, the pandemic will end soon so you can feel a real holiday. Stay safe!