7 Places in Cologne – Germany, You Can Visit in a Day

7 Places in Cologne, Germany

Have a dream to set foot in Germany? Besides Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg, Cologne is also one of the cities in Germany that you must visit. But what if you only have 24 hours in Cologne?

  1. Cologne Cathedral

This is the main destination that you must visit. The reason is, that Cologne cathedral is one of the icons of the city of Cologne that should not be missed. The cathedral building with a height of 157 meters was first built in 1248. Cologne Cathedral is the largest gothic church in Northern Europe and is always renovated every year. At least 20,000 tourists always come every day to enjoy the beauty of this church building.

  1. Cologne old city

Not far from Cologne cathedral, you can take a walk around Cologne’s old city. You can find many old buildings that are rich in historical value here. Some ancient buildings are painted colorfully and have become an icon of the city of Cologne. Many cafes and restaurants sell German beer and you have to try it.

  1. Bier museum

The beer museum is located in the old town area and is a 20-minute walk from the cathedral. Because German beer has become global, it doesn’t hurt if you visit the Bier museum to learn about the history of beer brewing in Germany.

  1. Hohe Straße Cologne

Hobby shopping? This is a place you must visit! Even if you don’t like shopping, you still have to visit Hohe Straße Cologne. You can find various shops with various brands. Starting from shopping for expensive branded goods or just buying cheap souvenirs can be done here.

  1. Rhine river

The big river that separates the area in the city of Cologne is indeed beautiful. There are always luxury yachts sailing on this river. But to get on the ship you need to spend a little deeper. Even so, you can hang out in the park near the river which has many park benches. The view of the Rhine river will be even more perfect because the Hohenzollernbrücke bridge will light up at night.

  1. Hohenzollernbrücke bridge

The bridge that spans the Rhine river is also an icon of the city of Cologne. Not only can pedestrians pass, but on this bridge, there are also 3 railroads. Uniquely, along the bridge, you can see love locks of various shapes, colors, and sizes hanging to decorate the bridge. Interested in hanging a padlock with your initials here?

  1. Cologne Triangle

Cologne Triangle is a modern building located opposite Cologne Cathedral. You can go up to the top floor by spending about 2-3 euros. On the roof of this building, you can enjoy a truly fantastic view of the city of Cologne. Starting from the Hohenzollernbrücke bridge, the Rhine river, Cologne Cathedral, and almost all the buildings in Cologne you can see from here.

How about you, are you ready to explore Cologne in 24 hours?