6 Tourist Attractions in Frankfurt, Germany whose beauty is stunning

6 Tourist Attractions in Frankfurt, Germany

Germany is indeed a country that has succeeded in making world tourists amazed by its beauty in various aspects. Starting from historical buildings to natural tourist destinations to relieve fatigue.

One of the cities that has many exciting tourist destinations is Frankfurt. This city will provide many surprises for its visitors with various tourist destinations on offer. Here are 6 tourist attractions in Frankfurt Germany that will amaze you with their beauty.

  1. The Romerberg

The Romerberg is a public square with the most beautiful views in Frankfurt. There are various buildings with amazing designs surrounding them. There is also the Fountain of Justice in the center.

This place is one of the busiest urban zones in the city which has a complex of 11 artistic old buildings that were built between the 15th and 18th centuries. Museums and churches also enliven the atmosphere of the city.

  1. The Palm Garden

The Palm Garden is the largest botanical garden in the country with an area of ​​54 hectares. This park is home to a wide variety of plant species. This place is suitable for visitors who love plants.

This beautiful garden features several outdoor plants and a greenhouse consisting of tropical and subtropical plant species.

The park also has recreational facilities, such as a playground for children and picnic areas for families.

  1. Senckenberg Natural History Museum

The Senckenberg Natural History Museum is a museum that displays the natural history of Europe. This place is the second largest museum in Germany. The museum is also famous for housing the largest giant dinosaur exhibit.

This museum describes its relationship to the evolution of organisms and the Earth’s biodiversity. There is also the largest stuffed bird which is one of the popular collections.

  1. Hauptwache

Hauptwache means Main Guardian. This place is one of the busiest pedestrian areas in Frankfurt and at the same time a famous square. It is also popular for its historic old buildings and modern structures.

Baroque Guard House is one of the attractions that stole the most attention. The square in this area is named after him. This place becomes a point that radiates the commercial streets and leading shopping centers in Frankfurt.

  1. St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral

St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Church that is 95 meters high. This church is very famous for its stunning architecture which was built using red sandstone following the Gothic style.

This church existed between the 13th and 15th centuries. This magnificent building is one of the few churches in Germany designated as the Imperial Cathedral. This church displays pride in its most important relic which is the skullcap of St. Bartholomew.

  1. Frankfurt Zoo

Zoo Frankfurt is an ideal place for those who enjoy observing animal behavior. Germany’s second oldest zoo was built in 1858. It is home to more than 4,500 animals and 450 diverse species.

One of the main attractions in this place is the Grzimek House which displays a very entertaining variety of Madagascar’s fauna.

Frankfurt is one of the interesting cities that must be visited while in Germany. Tourist destinations in this city are charming and invite vacations, right?