5 Unique Tours in Germany, Recommended for an Exciting Year-End Vacation

5 Unique Tours in Germany

Have plans to spend the year-end holidays in Europe? Germany can be one of the countries that will provide unforgettable memories. There are at least five of the best places in Germany ahead of winter.

  1. Tiergarten Park, Berlin

As the capital of Germany, Berlin offers a variety of tourist attractions that feel even more extraordinary when visited at the peak of winter. One of them is Tiergarten Park which is located in the center of Berlin. The green park that used to be a place for city residents to move was covered in beautiful white snow, making it look like a fairy tale.

  1. Chrismas Market in Munich

Munich or Munich is the third most populous city in Germany after Berlin and Hamburg. In addition to its football club, Munich is famous for the beauty of the city.

Towards the end of the year in November and December, there will be many Christmas Markets and bazaars. You can take a walk to enjoy the city atmosphere, hunt for local cuisine, to shop at once.

  1. Rakotzbrucke. Bridge

If you visit Germany early while it’s still autumn, take the time to visit the Rakotzbr├╝cke Bridge. This magical-looking bridge is a fairly popular destination in Saxony. In German, Rakotzbr├╝cke means “devil’s bridge”. But calm down, this place doesn’t have any mystique, it has a super beautiful view.

This arch bridge reflects its reflection on the lake so it looks perfectly round. In autumn, the surrounding garden area will turn yellowish. It’s not wrong if this place is one of the favorite spots for photographers to hunt for epic pictures.

  1. Moselle Valley

Moselle Valley or the Moselle Valley is divided by the Rhine River which stretches beautifully. The hilly area, which is located near the city of Metz, offers beautiful views of the valley and trees.

Cycling through the cool breeze around is one of the fun activities you can do. Tired of cycling, stop for a while at the vineyards and enjoy the sweetness of the fruit picked straight from the tree.

  1. Rhine River

The river that flows from Switzerland to the Netherlands has a length of about 1,036 kilometers. At night, the city lights on the banks of the river will be a very romantic sight. You can also enjoy it from inside a large ship and travel to some of the countries above.

So, how about you, do you have an idea where to go for the year-end holidays? Write your story in the comments column yes!