5 Tourist Attractions in Berlin that are Rarely Known, No Less Interesting!

5 Tourist Attractions in Berlin, Germany

Who doesn’t know Berlin? The capital city of Germany has a variety of interesting tourist attractions and is very famous in the world. Starting from the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, and many others.

However, among the many destinations that are filled with thousands of tourists every day, several hidden places are recommended to be your alternative tourism in this city.

What are some tours in the city of Berlin that are rarely known to many people? Here’s the list.

  1. Markthalle Neun

Long ago, Berlin used to have at least 14 amazing markets. However, over time, only three markets have survived. One of the must-visit historical markets in Berlin is the Markthalle Neun.

The market which was first opened in 1891 is very popular among culinary tourism lovers. All the food sold at Markthalle Neun is local menus and street food whose prices can be said to be pocket-friendly.

  1. Viktoriapark

Viktoriapark is a park located in the highest area of ​​Berlin. This secret place is surrounded by vast green areas and lush trees that are perfect for a picnic and away from the hustle and bustle of Berlin’s city.

In this park, you will be presented with waterfalls, ponds, to the Prussian national monument dedicated to the Battle of Berlin. In addition, from Viktoriapark, you can see a spectacular view of the city of Berlin from above.

  1. Hackesche Hofe

If you like cafes and small restaurants surrounded by medieval buildings, then a visit to Hackesche Höfe is not to be missed. It was designed and architected by Kurt Berndt and August Endell for an Art Nouveau-style facade.

Hackesche Höfe is also considered one of the hidden instagramable spots in Berlin. This is evidenced by the number of photographers and several well-known artists who use buildings in this area as the background for their photos.

  1. Halensee

Halensee is a beautiful lake located not far from the center of Berlin. This exotic lake has beautiful views, coupled with the condition of the waters which are categorized as quite clean, making it one of the alternative attractions in the city.

You need to know, that the right time to visit this lake is during summer. Where you can go to Stadtbad Halensee for a different sunbathing experience, by only paying around 8 euros per person or around Rp. 130 thousand only.

  1. Oberbaumbrucke

The Oberbaumbrücke Bridge is a two-story bridge over the river Spree connecting Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. This bridge also has historical importance because it became a unifying symbol for the people of Berlin.

Oberbaumbrücke is also famous for its outstanding architecture, where there are two large towers in the center of the bridge. He cried again, when night falls, this 150-meter-long bridge will emit light that makes the building look more beautiful.

How? Some hidden tourist destinations in Berlin are hidden, it’s a shame not if you just have to miss it when on vacation to Germany. So what are you waiting for? Come on, vacation!