5 Recommended Museums for Educational Tours in Hamburg-Germany

5 Recommended Museums for Educational Tours in Hamburg, Germany

Speaking of Germany, many cities in this country have a beauty and uniqueness that should not be missed. Various tourist destinations owned by each city can be very different from one another.

If you want to do an educational tour, one of the cities with exciting tourist destinations in Hamburg. There are various interesting places to visit in Hamburg, one of which is the museum. Hamburg has many museums some of which are the largest in Germany.

Which museums should not be missed when visiting Hamburg? Let’s check the following recommendations!

  1. Panopticum Wax Museum

When it comes to wax museums, Madame Tussauds usually comes to mind immediately. However, Hamburg has a much older wax museum, namely the Panopticum Wax Museum.

Founded 130 years ago, the Panopticum Wax Museum is the oldest and largest wax museum in Germany. There are around 120 collections of wax statues of world-famous celebrities in this museum.

Visitors are allowed to take pictures by following the regulations that apply at the museum.

  1. Kunsthalle Hamburg

One of the largest art museums in Germany is the Kunsthalle Hamburg or The Hamburger Kunsthalle. This museum has a claim to be one of the museums with the most complete collection of art, from medieval to contemporary eras.

Kunsthalle Hamburg has also won international awards for its outstanding exhibition quality. Not surprisingly, Kunsthalle Hamburg is visited by thousands of visitors from all over the world every year.

  1. Miniature Wunderland

Hamburg has the most famous miniature museum in Germany, the Miniatur Wunderland. The main attraction of this museum is the miniature of the world’s largest railroad track system. In addition, miniature airports to the landscape of a country can also be seen in this museum.

Visitors will be fascinated by the detail and accuracy of the miniature collection in this museum. Satisfied pampering the eyes while adding insight.

  1. Hamburg International Maritime Museum

The Hamburg International Maritime Museum is a museum that houses a collection of objects related to ships and the ocean. There are artifacts, paintings, uniforms, to nautical equipment here.

Visitors can learn things related to shipping in detail here. Guaranteed after returning from this museum, your maritime knowledge will increase greatly!

  1. Spicy’s Gew├╝rzmuseum

This unique museum is located in the Speicherstadt, the largest warehouse complex in the world. True to its name, this museum displays at least 900 varieties of exotic spices from around the world. Visitors can witness the journey of a type of spice from seed to export.

In addition to spices, several types of tea and coffee are also displayed in this museum. Guaranteed, visitors will feel an extraordinary atmosphere when visiting Spicy’s Gew├╝rzmuseum.

Now, museum lovers, many museum tourist destinations can be visited when visiting Hamburg. Don’t forget to stop by!