5 Landmark Buildings in Leipzig Germany that You Must Visit

5 Landmark Buildings in Leipzig, Germany

Germany is indeed one of the big countries in Europe with a long history from its inception until now. So do not be surprised if this country has a variety of ancient landmarks and buildings that are very artsy.

One of the cities that has a variety of interesting ancient buildings that can be visited is Leipzig, which is a city in eastern Germany that is included in the state of Saxony.

The city, which was once part of the East German state, also presents a variety of unique landmarks and is certainly worth a visit.

Well, for those of you who are planning a vacation to Germany, then you should listen to the following reviews.

  1. St. Thomas Church

First, there is the Church of St. Thomas or Thomaskirche which is located in the area around the Zentrum or downtown Leipzig. This Protestant church was built in 1212 and has a very unique gothic architectural style, plus a tower that reaches a height of 25 meters.

In addition, this building has also undergone several renovations and the last one was damaged by bombs from the Allies during World War II. But this building still maintains its architectural form to this day.

  1. St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church or Nikolaikirche is also an interesting building in the downtown area, which is exactly at the east end. This church building was founded in 1165 and adapts Roman elements in it, which is thick with a medieval atmosphere. Also, in the 16th century, there was a change in the building that gave a gothic element to some parts of the building.

The largest church in the state of Saxony is famous for being the center of activity for peaceful demonstrations in 1989 against communist rule in East Germany.

  1. Old City Hall

Still in the downtown area, there is an iconic building, the Old City Hall which is right in front of the plaza and is often used as a market on certain days. This building was previously used as a city hall which has been standing since 1556, until 1909 it was moved to a new building, which is south of the city center.

Currently, this magnificent building with typical German-style architecture is used as a museum that stores the history of the city of Leipzig.

  1. New Town Hall

The New Town Hall is also a cool must-visit building in Leipzig, which is located south of the city and faces directly onto the southern ring road. This new town hall building has been built in 1895 which was initiated by the Kingdom of Saxony to replace the old town hall.

Uniquely, this building presents a very distinctive architecture and Lutheran style. In addition, it has a tower with a height of 114.8 meters and is also the tallest city hall building in Germany.

  1. Battle of the Nations Monument

The Battle of the Nations Monument or in German, Völkerschlachtdenkmal is a large monument located in the south of the City of Leipzig.

This monument building was erected to commemorate 100 years of the Battle of Leipzig in 1813 to defeat the French troops led by Napoleon Bonaparte.

This monument is located in the middle of a large park and has a height of 91 meters which is one of the tallest monuments in Europe. And this monument is very beautiful because it is in front of a lake and park with a natural atmosphere.

Those were some of the landmark buildings in the City of Leipzig which should be your place of visit when you are in Germany, especially Leipzig. In your opinion, which one is the best?