10 Unique Spanish Habits That Are Interesting to Know

10 Unique Spanish Habits That Are Interesting to Know

Talking about habits will never end. Various unique habits are often quite interesting to discuss. Just like in Indonesia, Spain also has various unique habits in living daily life.

Although some of the customs look strange, they become the main attraction, especially for people who want to take a trip to the country of the Matador. Well, so that you are not more curious. Check out the summary that we have prepared below. Here is the review:

  1. Leaving the House with Wet Hair

This one habit may be considered as something unique that is usually done by the Spaniards. If in general, people will dry their hair first before going out of the house, in contrast to the Spaniards. They are used to going out with their hair still wet.

This habit is not only carried out by children, but also by adults. Spaniards are known to often wash their hair or shampoo in the morning before doing activities such as work or going to school. Although considered funny, in Spain it is commonplace to do.

  1. Run with the Bulls

Spain is one country that has a variety of uniqueness. In addition to having enchanting tourist attractions. Spain also has many interesting traditions and customs. One of them is the El encierro festival, which is the tradition of running from a large bull that was deliberately released into the city streets.

Although it looks quite extreme, many people are enthusiastic about participating in the event. The activity of releasing the bull itself is usually carried out in villages and cities during the festival. So, don’t be surprised if then many people get injured as a result of being hit by a bull during the event.

  1. Go to the bar with the kids

Another habit that is quite strange in the eyes of ordinary people is going to bars with children. As we know, in several countries, including Indonesia, bringing children to places such as bars is prohibited, it may even be considered a violation of the law.

This custom is very different from what is commonly found in Spain, where parents do not hesitate to take their children to the bar with the whole family when attending an event. They also do not feel disturbed or uncomfortable seeing children whining or fast asleep on the chairs provided by the bar.

  1. Habit of Peeling Fruit

Another unique habit that we can find in a country with a constitutional monarchy system of government is when peeling fruit. Spanish people are known to often peel various kinds of fruit before eating them. The same goes for fruits like apples, peaches, pears, and grapes.

This habit is inseparable from the story of the past, where at that time in Spain it was difficult to get a clean water supply. As a way to overcome this, people in rural Spain must first peel various types of fruit before eating.

This is done to remove dirt or pesticide residues that may still be attached to the fruit skin. This unique habit is known to still be done, even today.

  1. Tomato Throwing Tradition

One other habit that is quite well known in Spain is the tradition of throwing tomatoes, also known as La Tomatina. The tradition of throwing tomatoes is usually done during the Bunol festival which is usually held in the Valencia area once a year. The activity itself is usually held at the end of August on a Wednesday.

The festival is usually attended by many people, including foreign tourists who want to participate in throwing tomatoes at each other. The tomatoes used alone are usually leftover tomatoes that are too ripe and cannot be used.

In addition to throwing tomatoes at each other, the festival also presents various entertainment shows that are quite deadly for a week. Ranging from costume parades, musical performances, dances, and fireworks festivals.

  1. Freeze Bread

Another unique habit that is also commonly done by the Spanish people is to freeze the bread that has been purchased the day before. This habit is carried out by most Spanish people. This is done to maintain the quality of the bread and make it more durable and long-lasting.

As we know that bread that has good quality is much easier to spoil and expire. Freezing your bread is a pretty good way to preserve its texture and taste. This can slow down the bread staling process or physicochemical changes that cause the bread to change shape, color, and taste.

  1. Divide Days Into 5

Each country does have unique customs that can make foreigners curious. One of them is this one habit. If time is generally divided into four parts, such as morning, afternoon, evening, and night, Spain itself has an additional time that is unique and is often asked by foreigners.

The Spanish people call this time the Madrugada. Madrugada is a term used by Spanish people to denote the time between midnight and the time of daybreak. Madrugada itself is known to have no special or more specific meaning. So, do not be confused if the term is not in the dictionary.

  1. Jump over Baby

This Spanish habit can certainly make every parent, especially non-Spanish, feel anxious or horrified by a special ritual called “El Colacho” or “baby jumping festival.” This tradition is known to have existed since 1620. The community itself considers the ritual an important part of baptism in the church.

The process itself is usually done by a man wearing a unique red and yellow costume. The man is known to be jumping over babies under one year old who are lying in a row on the floor. After successfully jumping, the parents will sprinkle roses on the babies and carry them.

  1. Wedding Party at Night

The next uniqueness we can find at the time of the wedding party. In general, weddings are usually held on a sunny morning until late at night. While in Spain alone weddings are usually held at night, namely seminars from 7 pm until late at night.

The event itself usually consists of exchanging coins, namely as a symbol of sharing and commitment, circling a wedding ring on a couple, and eating together. During the banquet, usually, the bride and groom will surround the table and welcome the guests while bringing small gifts. At that time the guests will usually give gifts to the bride and groom.

  1. Siesta’s Napping Habit

It is common for everyone to take a nap, even in Indonesia, this habit is often done. Although at first glance these habits look the same, the Spanish nap style is a little different. They call this habit the term Siesta, which is a traditional nap that is usually done by the Spanish people.

Siesta itself means the sixth hour. Siesta is carried out for three hours, namely at the sixth hour or noon. At that time the Spanish people used to use it for lunch, family gatherings, or naps. This is done to restore the spirit of work and also maximize the brain while working.

Thus 10 unique habits of the Spanish that we managed to summarize. Just like other countries in the world, Spain has interesting stories about people’s lives and culture. In your area of ​​course there are unique habits that are usually done. Let us know. Write your comments below, yes!