10 Spanish Foods that are Delicioso and Must-Try

10 Spanish Foods that are Delicioso and Must-Try

What a waste, if you don’t have a culinary tour while in Spain later. You see, Spain has a lot of delicioso (delicious) food. It is very suitable for the tongue of the Indonesian people. We will recommend some of them to you. Check out some of our recommendations below!

  1. Churros with Chocolate

We can find this food in Indonesia. However, for a more authentic taste, you should try it directly from the country of origin. Churros are made from breadcrumbs that are shaped into cookie dough, then put into long molds.

The dough is then fried, drained, and garnished with sugar, and cinnamon powder. This food is usually eaten dipped in chocolate sauce. The chocolate sauce used is usually made from chocolate mixed with liquid milk, sugar, and cornstarch solution.

  1. Patatas Bravas

You could say that these are Spanish fries. However, with a quite different form. In this dish, the potatoes used are white potatoes cut into two-centimeter squares.

The cut potatoes are then fried in cooking oil. After that, served while warm and sprinkled with tomato sauce on top. You can find this food in some restaurants or bars in the city of Madrid.

  1. Empanadas

Empanadas are a typical Spanish tapas dish. For those who don’t know, tapas is a type of food that is served in small portions and is usually served as a drink at the bar. Empenadas themselves are made from patty dough that is stuffed inside.

The fillings used are meat, cheese, vegetables, and huitlacoche. The appearance of this food is very similar to pastels in Indonesia. You can find this food not only in Spain. Some Latin American countries also provide this food.

Argentina is one of them. In the country where Lionel Messi was born, Empanadas usually have a filling of diced beef, mixed with cumin and paprika.

  1. Crema Catalana

This dish is the Spanish version of crème brulle. This food is often eaten as a dessert at lunch. Crema Catalana is made with cornstarch, milk, lemon, cinnamon powder, egg yolk, and raspberries/strawberries.

You can find this food in some restaurants in the Catalan region, especially in Barcelona. One of them is the Taverna El Glop restaurant. This restaurant is located right at Carrer de Sant Lluis, 24, 08012, Barcelona, ​​Spain.

  1. Pan Con Tomate

This food is also often called Pa amb tomaquet. In Spanish, this dish means “bread with tomatoes”. This food is commonly found in several regions of Spain, such as Valencia, Andalusia, Aragon, and Catalunya.

This food is served by burning bread until it is cooked. Once cooked, the top of the bread is then smeared with tomato sauce. When eaten, Pan Con Tomate will be served with sausage, vegetables, cheese, or an omelet.

According to historian Nestor Lujan, this food was first known in 1884. At that time, this food was made by village farmers when the tomato harvest was in abundance.

  1. Mallorcan Tumbet

Like Empanadas, this one dish is also included in tapas dishes. Mallorcan Tumbet itself is a salad dish originating from Mallorca, Spain. The basic ingredients of this dish are potato wedges, eggplant, and red peppers.

Before serving, the three basic ingredients will be fried first in olive oil. After frying, the three are then served together and topped with fried tomatoes, garlic, and parsley. This food will later be served with meat, fish, or without both.

  1. Pulpo a la Gallega

For you seafood lovers, Pulpo a la Gallega is worth a try. Pulp a la Gallega is made from octopus meat that is first boiled in a copper cauldron. The octopus in this dish is boiled by dipping and removing the tentacles from the cauldron three times.

How to boil it is done so that the tentacles are curved. The boiled octopus is then cut into several pieces, sprinkled with coarse salt, and topped with spicy and sweet peppers. To make it even more delicious, the top of this dish will also be sprinkled with olive oil.

The octopus in this dish has a texture that is not too cooked, and not too chewy. The octopus in this dish also doesn’t smell fishy at all. So, don’t hesitate if you want to eat this delicioso dish.

  1. Fabada Asturiana

If you visit the Asturias area, then you will find one of the delicious Spanish foods there. Her name is Fabada Asturiana. A processed peanut whose processing method is similar to porridge.

The beans in this dish will later be processed with pork, black pudding, chorizo ​​, and saffron. In Spain (especially in Asturias), Fabada Asturiana is often served as a large meal or lunch in winter.

  1. Gazpacho

Gazpacho is a dish of tomato soup prepared with bread, garlic, salt, olive oil, and vinegar. Unlike most soups, this soup is served cold. So it’s not surprising that Spanish people often eat this food during the day, especially when the weather is hot.

There are some theories about the history of this food. It is said that this food appeared with the arrival of the Romans to Spain (and also Portugal). At that time, they brought a soup dish made of bread, olive oil, garlic, and water that would later be known as Gazpacho.

In Spain, Gazpacho can be found all around Andalusia. There are so many variants of this food. Starting from the avocado-based Gazpacho to the one made from meat or watermelon broth.

  1. Paella

Who says Spain doesn’t have rice dishes? The country where Rafael Nadal was born also has a typical rice dish like Indonesia. The name of the dish is Paella. A dish of rice that looks like Indonesian fried rice.

You can find this food in the Valencia area, Spain. There, Pella is made by heating olive oil first. After that, then stir-fry a number of the basic ingredients of this one dish.

Such as meat, green vegetables, garlic, grated tomatoes, beans, peppers, rosemary, and of course rice/rice. In the process of frying, the ingredients will be mixed with some spices. Starting from salt, turmeric, and other spices.

What a waste if we don’t have a culinary tour during a picnic in Spain. You see, the country of the Matador has some delicioso specialties. We have recommended ten of them in this article. So, don’t miss out on a culinary tour in Spain, okay?