Jerusalem in the style of the Matador Country, These are 6 Charming Places in the City of Toledo

6 Charming Places in the City of Toledo, Spain

Once the capital of Spain before Madrid, Toledo is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a historic city. In the past, Toledo was owned by three religions namely Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. That’s why this city is like Jerusalem in the style of a matador country.

We can still see the historical buildings of the three religions now, even becoming a charming place that you must explore while on vacation in this city. Where are you?

  1. Iglesia de Santo Tome

Founded in 1300, Iglesia de Santo Tome is none another one of the historic churches in Toledo. Uniquely, this church was once a mosque. It can be seen from the architecture of the church building, a mixture of Gothic and Moorish designs.

In the past, this area was visited by Muslims until it was finally reconquered by King Alfonso VI of Leon. When Toledo was captured, the mosques that had stood were not destroyed. Instead, it was converted into a church.

  1. Mosque of Cristo de la Luz

The next charming destination is the historic mosque left by the Moors when in Toledo, which has been built in 999. The size of this mosque is indeed small, but the Mosque of Cristo de la Luz is the oldest in Toledo.

Once the Chapel of the Holy Cross during the reign of King Alfonso VIII, now this mosque stands as a museum. The name of this mosque was obtained when the mosque was turned into a chapel.

  1. Museo Sephardi

Having many collections such as tableware, clothing, books, to some writings on the walls of biblical verses, this Jewish museum was once a synagogue. The history of the museum doesn’t stop there.

The owner of the synagogue disagreed with King Peter, the ruler of the area where the museum stands. This resulted in the expulsion of the Jews in 1360. For that reason, the museum was turned into a church. Until finally it became a museum to preserve Jewish culture in Toledo.

  1. Puerte de Bisagra

Built-in the 10th century, Puerte de Bisagra was founded during the time the Moors occupied the Toledo region. This building is none other than the gateway to the city. The architecture of the building is distinctive like a castle and charming, making many tourists amazed and take advantage of it as a photography spot.

  1. Alcazar

Standing on top of a hill, this Moorish Fort is impressive to look at. Its beauty that appears from a distance can make tourists hypnotized, so take the time to come here. Today, the Alcazar has been restored and is home to the Army Museum with excellent exhibits about the Civil War.

  1. Plaza de Zocodover

This one destination is none other than the center of the crowd in Toledo or you could say the main square of this city. Here, you’ll find beautiful buildings, outdoor cafes, street vendors, and a plant market.

Well, those were six charming places in the city of Toledo that you can explore while here. As a historical city, there are not only six places that you can visit. Many other, buildings are thousands of years old and make you feel like going to Jerusalem.