5 Tourist Attractions in Toledo-Spain for You the Explorer

5 Tourist Attractions in Toledo, Spain

Spain, especially Toledo, has several main destinations that are ideal for a vacation. Although not as popular as Barcelona or Madrid, this city is still interesting to explore.

Many historical heritage buildings have successful designs or architectures that fascinate you. Here are five of the most amazing tourist destinations in Toledo.

  1. Toledo Cathedral

Toledo Cathedral has another name, namely the Primate Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo. This cathedral is one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in all of Europe. This is a Roman Catholic church being the headquarters of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Toledo.

It was built in 1227 AD, under the auspices of King Ferdinand the Saint. This church was built on the land of the former mosque. Visitors can admire its huge golden gates, its majestic doors, its huge altar, the brilliant sculptural details found throughout the impressive church, to the colorful frescoes that adorn its walls.

  1. Mosque of Cristo De La Luz

The Mosque of Cristo De La Luz is one of 10 mosques erected in Toledo during the height of the Moorish period. This charming little mosque stands just above the northern fortifications of the city. The mosque, which has been converted into a church, originally had the name Mezquita Bab al Mardum.

This building was erected between 999-1000 AD. The brilliant facade of this former mosque. The building has a unique architecture and is also interesting to observe.

  1. Puente de San Martin

The bridge can be a valuable historical relic. One of them is the Puente De San Martin which was declared a national monument in 1921. It is a stone arch bridge that has been around since the Middle Ages. This sturdy bridge spans the mighty Tagus river. This bridge had undergone significant modifications in the 13th century.

This bridge has five arches that are bounded by two magnificent towers that double as defensive structures. In the 13th century, the construction of one of these towers was completed. Meanwhile, in the 16th century, another polygonal tower was erected.

  1. Synagogue of El Transito

The Synagogue of El Transito also has another name, namely the Synagogue of Samuel ha Levi. As the name implies, this building was founded by Samuel Ben Meir ha Levi. This building is the oldest synagogue in the city. The synagogue was once a prominent place of worship for the large Jewish community who call the city their home.

The building is one of the grandest synagogues in the area within the medieval Jewish quarter. There are many important architectural elements of this building. Some of them are charming floral and geometric motifs and very stunning Mudejar elements. In addition, there are many inscriptions in Hebrew and Arabic throughout the synagogue.

  1. Museum of Santa Cruz

If you want to take a vacation while adding insight, then you can visit the museum. One of the best museums the city has is the Museum of Santa Cruz. This museum is a brilliant artist and ceramics museum. The building has a magnificent structure that has been around since the 16th century.

At first, the building that became a museum was used as a complete hospital. But in the 19th century, this stunning renaissance-style structure was transformed into a world-class museum. In modern times, the museum has three important collections that display some of the best works in archeology, fine arts, and industrial art.

Toledo has many recreational areas that can cool the eyes. When visiting there, make sure to visit the places above, yes.