5 Historic Buildings in Port Of Spain that Present European Heritage

5 Historic Buildings in Port Of Spain that Present European Heritage

The Caribbean Islands are well known for their global tourism and are visited by many foreign tourists. One of the countries in the Caribbean that is no less interesting to visit in Trinidad and Tobago which is located at the southern tip, which is close to the South American continent.

This island nation not far from the Venezuelan coast has a variety of beautiful historical buildings, especially in the city of Port Of Spain, because it was formerly occupied by the Spanish, French, and British in turn.

Well, of course, for those of you who like historical tours and seeing beautiful ancient buildings, then you should listen to some of the historic buildings in Port Of Spain below.

  1. Stollmeyer’s Castle

First, there is a magnificent building called Stollmeyer’s Castle which is located in the St.Clair district, Port Of Spain. This castle building was built in 1902-1904, which was built by a Scottish architect named Robert Gillies. The style of this building is very beautiful with a thick baronial Scotish architecture.

This building was nicknamed Stollmeyer’s Castle because it was owned by the Stollmeyer family until it changed hands to Mahabir in 1972. But in 1979, the local government bought this castle until now.

  1. Knowsley Building

The Knowsley Building is a historic building in Port Of Spain that is located in the vicinity of the city center. This building was built in 1904 and is used as the residence of William Gordon. The building materials used to build this building are quite luxurious because they are imported from Europe and Guyana.

Then in 1954, this building was purchased by the government of Trinidad and Tobago and is used as the office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs until now.

  1. Holy Trinity Cathedral

Then there is the Holy Trinity Cathedral which is one of the magnificent churches in the city of Port Of Spain and is located in front of Woodford Square. This church is also the center of the Anglican church in Trinidad and Tobago and has a charming gothic architectural style.

This magnificent church was built in 1816-1823 but was badly damaged 100 years later by a fire. Then this building was renovated in 1916, with the same building form as before.

  1. Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Next, there is the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception which is a Roman Catholic church located in the center of the city of Port Of Spain. This church building was built during the British rule, where Sir Ralph Woodford as governor there had the initiative to build a Catholic church in 1816 which was completed in 1832.

This church is very beautiful and has a unique architectural style, with 2 different towers compared to the Catholic church in general.

  1. Queen’s Royal College

Lastly, there is Queen’s Royal College which is in front of Queen’s Park Savannah which is also in the downtown area. This building is the oldest high school building in Trinidad and Tobago which was built in 1902. Interestingly, this building has a German Renaissance architectural style that has a distinctive shape with its ornaments.

Because of its attractive architectural style, it’s no wonder that this building is also a destination for tourists who want to see its shape of this beautiful building.

So, those were the five historic buildings in Port Of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago that would be a shame if you missed it. Which one do you think is the coolest?