5 Attractions in Tours, France Full of Historical Value

Paris is still the number one city in France when it comes to tourist destinations. Several other cities in this country also have many interesting places that are no less beautiful.

Like Tours, one of the largest cities in the Center-Val de Loire has some cool landmarks that will amaze anyone when they see it. So, what kind of attractions are in Tours? Here are five destinations that can be used as a reference for your vacation.

  1. Tours Cathedral

Tours Cathedral, which was built in 1170, took a long time to become a building. The new building looked really like a cathedral in 1547, at which time it became an example of the evolution of the Gothic style.

This cathedral has extraordinary architecture, even the interior is one of the best in France. The wall paintings in it have various meanings of their own. This is explained in a note that can be accessed by visitors.

  1. Place de Plumereau

As one of the historic old towns, Place de Plumereau is a tourist destination that you should not miss when visiting Tours. Surrounded by historical buildings, this area is filled with many shops or stalls.

Every day, Place de Plumereau is always filled with people who want to shop for basic ingredients and tourists who hunt for souvenirs. This is also the most instagramable location in Tours because it has wooden houses that are hundreds of years old.

  1. Abbey of Saint-Julien

The Abbey of Saint-Julien is a 16th-century monastery that has now been turned into a museum. The museum is dedicated to the French workers’ movement dating back to the Middle Ages.

All items and documents related to the French workers’ movement are the main highlights of this museum. No wonder history buffs always make the Abbey of Saint-Julien their main destination.

  1. Hotel Goüin

One of the older buildings in Tours, the Hôtel Goüin is a Renaissance palace that has undergone extensive renovations. It is said that the original building of the Hôtel Goüin dates back to the 12th century. This is evidenced by the findings of four arches and an old well which is now a role.

If you visit this place, don’t just take photos. You have to enter and visit the archaeological museum inside to see artifacts from Roman times.

  1. Château de Villandry

One more interesting and beautiful landmark from the city of Tours that must be on your wishlist, especially if not the Château de Villandry. This castle is one of the best castles in Tours.

The Château de Villandry still retains its inherent royal atmosphere. You will feel like going back to the 15th century. With a labyrinth garden that is still well-maintained today, this location is suitable as your destination with your family.

Some of the tours on Tours can be a reference for your vacation when you visit France someday. No less cool with Paris, right?