9 Exciting Tourist Attractions in Valencia-Spain, Lots of Artistic Buildings!

9 Exciting Tourist Attractions in Valencia, Spain

Until now, Spain remains one of the main choices for many tourists who are planning a vacation to the European continent. One city worth visiting is Valencia. This city which is famous for its many artistic buildings can be an alternative for your vacation when visiting the Matador country. What are some exciting tourist attractions in Valencia? Here’s the list.

  1. Visiting Plaza de la Virgen is something not to be missed. This square is the most famous in Valencia
  2. Plaza de la Reina is no less beautiful. This square is located right in front of the Cathedral and the bell tower and has many cozy cafes
  3. Ciutat de Les Arts I les Ciències is a cultural and recreational complex that has futuristic buildings as modern landmarks
  4. Looking for souvenirs or culinary tourism enthusiasts? Mercat Central de Valencia has 1,200 stalls selling a variety of foods
  5. Lonja de la Seda is one of the buildings in Valencia that is included in the UNESCO world heritage site. It used to be a former silk temple
  6. Maybe relaxing in one of the largest city parks in Spain will be fun. That’s all you can do at Jardin del Turia
  7. Jardí Botànic Valencia is a botanical garden that was built in the 18th century. This botanical garden is also part of the University of Valencia
  8. If you want to see the enchanting city hall of Valencia with its historical museum, you must go to Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  9. Over 100 years old, the Mercado de Colón or Colón Market impresses with its medieval Spanish architecture

Valencia has many tourist destinations and exciting places that are a pity to miss. Although most people come to Spain just to visit Barcelona or Madrid, maybe this city can be an alternative if you are bored with the two big cities.