5 Tourist Destinations Not to be Missed When in Burgos-Spain

5 Tourist Destinations Not to be Missed When in Burgos, Spain

Burgos, which is located in Spain, does not only have a tourist destination in the form of a cathedral or museum. This city also has exciting tourist destinations in the form of parks with unique trees and waterfalls with stunning views.

These tourist destinations will certainly not be boring and even make you curious to visit all of them. Here are five tourist destinations that should not be missed while in Burgos-Spain.

  1. Catedral de Burgos

The Catedral de Burgos is a cathedral located adjacent to the castle hill in Burgos. The building features exquisite sculptural decoration and Spanish Gothic architecture. The cathedral, which is made of white limestone, is a world heritage.

Not only are the buildings successfully amazing, but this cathedral also has the Golden Stairs and a chapel. Although the building has been around since the thirteenth century, it is still sturdy and also very well maintained.

  1. Museum of Human Evolution

The Museum of Human Evolution is an educational site that allows visitors to learn how humans evolved from ancient times to today. The museum houses the Atapuerca site as well as various fossils.

There are exhibitions, seminars, and learning sessions on human evolution that are often held at this museum.

  1. Paseo del Espolon

Paseo del Espolon is a park with beautiful, uniquely shaped trees. This place has become a famous pedestrian area for pedestrians in the city of Burgos. There are many cafes and shops in the garden area so that visitors can enjoy the beauty of the garden while relaxing.

There are benches to sit here and there are also many people who like to stroll in the park in the afternoon.

  1. Monasterio de las Huelgas

Monasterio de las Huelgas is a popular monastery as well as a religious site located near the southern river area. Visitors are only allowed to explore the monastery on a guided tour, which takes about sixty minutes.

There is a royal pantheon in this place which has royal tombs and also has the clothes of the kings of the past.

  1. Pedrosa de Tobalina

Pedrosa de Tobalina is an ideal location to be used as a place to travel with family in the summer. This place is like a water park with a waterfall on the stunning Molinar River. No less exciting, this place is in a remote area, making it the right place to escape for a moment from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Many children and teenagers make this place a favorite tourist destination. One of the exciting activities that visitors usually do is cliff jumping.

The tourist attractions above are certainly interesting to visit. In addition, the tourist destinations are no less stunning than other places in Spain.