5 Tourist Destinations in Bilbao, Spain that is Fun

5 Tourist Destinations in Bilbao, Spain

Barcelona and Madrid to this day may still be the main destinations for tourists who stop in Spain. The country of Matador has many cities that are no fewer tourist destinations than the two cities.

One of them is Bilbao. The provincial capital of Vizcaya, located in northern Spain, has a variety of fun and interesting tours. What are the tourist destinations that you must visit when on vacation to Bilbao? Here’s the information.

  1. Guggenheim Museum

Most tourists who come to Bilbao always make this museum their first destination when they arrive in this city. Built in 1933, the museum is a stunning example of 20th-century architectural breakthroughs.

Inside the building designed by Frank Gehry, there is a large collection of art from various eras such as some world-class paintings by renowned Spanish artists. In addition, there is a giant dog statue made from a flower named Puppy.

  1. Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo is the old town area in Bilbao. Located on the banks of the Nervion River, the area stretches between the San Anton Bridge to the Church of San Nicolas. Narrow alleys flanked by medieval buildings are the main attraction of this area.

Every day, Casco Viejo is always filled with many tourists who want to feel the atmosphere of Spain in the past. Not only that, many of them came just to take vintage-style photos with the background of the old building.

  1. Santiago Cathedral

Santiago Cathedral was built in the 15th century, and its beautiful architecture reflects the Bosque Gothic style in impeccable form. This cathedral also has a magnificent interior with three magnificent rooms inside which have rib vaulted ceilings.

If you want to get into it, you can come on Friday or Saturday because Santiago Cathedral is not always open to the public every day. Meanwhile, mass is held in this cathedral every day, at 7 pm.

  1. Palacio Euskalduna

Palacio Euskalduna is a modern music and conference hall and is considered one of the most important examples of contemporary architecture in Spain. The building, which was built in 1999, is designed to resemble a ship.

Covering an area of ​​53,000 square meters, the building often hosts a variety of performances, ranging from opera, ballet, and symphony. Its auditorium is considered the largest in Spain and number two in Europe.

  1. Gran Via de Don Diego Lopez de Haro

As one of the main streets in the city of Bilbao, Gran Vía de Don Diego López de Haro or more commonly known as “Gran Vía” is an area of ​​commercial and government buildings.

On the road that stretches for 1.5 kilometers, you can find a variety of cafes, restaurants, and luxury shops that line up. No doubt, this place will be very crowded every day, especially at night.

Although not too many people glance at it, Bilbao has its charm that should not be missed when on vacation in Spain. You can find many tourist destinations in the city. From historical to modern tours, everything is in this city.