5 Things to Do in Valladolid, Spain that is Unbelievably Beautiful

5 Things to Do in Valladolid, Spain

Spain can be the best choice when you choose to vacation on the European continent. The country of Matador is indeed famous for its many tourist destinations scattered in every corner of its historic city.

Starting from Madrid, Barcelona, ​​and even Valladolid have many of the best tourist attractions to visit. Well, if you are curious about what to visit in Valladolid, you can read some of the lists below.

  1. National Sculpture Museum

The National Sculpture Museum has a large collection of sculptures dating from the Middle Ages to the 1800s. The art in this museum is illustrated by the very artistic facade of the building.

This building is a former theological school for the Dominican Priory that dates back to the 16th century. It is often the first destination of tourists in Valladolid due to its central location.

  1. Palacio de Santa Cruz

As the first Renaissance-style building in Spain, the Palacio de Santa Cruz is well-liked by many for its architecture. The palace, which is part of Valladolid University, was built around the 15th century.

Apart from its beautiful architecture, this palace also has a museum dedicated to African art, also known as Fundación Jiménez-Arellano Alonso. There are also two 13th-century head sculptures dating from Nigeria.

  1. Academia de Caballeria

One of the most famous landmarks in Valladolid is the Academia de Caballería. This magnificent building belonging to the Spanish military is relatively new because it was built in 1920 and was inspired by Castilian architecture, during the golden age of Spain.

To this day, the Academia de Caballería is still used as a cavalry academy and is the only one still functioning in the country. Inside there is also a museum with a collection of various objects about the history of the Spanish military.

  1. Plaza Mayor

Almost every city in Spain has a beautiful square, but not as big and old as Valladolid. The square, which has been known as Plaza Mayor, dates back to the 1300s and its current appearance dates back to the 16th century.

One of the simple activities that can be done in this square is a leisurely walk while enjoying the beautiful architecture of the city hall. You can also buy typical Spanish food and drinks in cafes or restaurants in the vicinity.

  1. Castle of La Mota

Located south of downtown Valladolid, in the Medina del Campo region, La Mota Castle is considered one of the most beautiful castles in the Matador Land. Different from most other castles which are built of stone, this castle is built from local red bricks.

The location of this castle is on a high hill. No wonder the scenery is very beautiful and mesmerizing. However, some parts of the building are damaged and have not been renovated to date.

You can use these five tourist attractions in Valladolid as a reference when on vacation in Spain. Historic buildings still dominate the destinations in this city.