5 Natural Tourist Destinations in Spain, Suitable for Healing!

5 Natural Tourist Destinations in Spain

Talking about Spain, it feels incomplete if you haven’t discussed its natural tourist destinations. Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Spain is famous for its exotic beaches.

Not only beaches, but Spain also has many natural tourist destinations with stunning landscapes. From Fuente De in Cantabria to the Tabernas Desert in Almería, they all have their unique beauty.

If children say these days, these places are suitable for healing.

If you are a nature lover, you can be sure that you will love these places. Well, for those of you who have vacation plans to Spain, you can add the following destinations to your bucket list.

  1. Duna De Bolonia

Duna De Bolonia is a place that will spoil anyone’s eyes, especially nature lovers with its beautiful landscapes. This place is the perfect place to relax and feel at peace, away from the hustle and bustle of the urban atmosphere.

Duna De Bolonia is located in a small town called Tarifa in the Province of Cádiz. This place is surrounded by a vast expanse of dunes so tourists who walk here will feel the sensation of being in the desert.

One thing that should not be missed in this place is the sunset.

  1. Gaztelugatxe

Game of Thrones fans must be familiar with this one place. Yes, Gaztelugatxe is one of the shooting locations for this phenomenal film and is known as Dragonstone.

No wonder. Because the landscape of this place does look unreal, like places in a fairy tale.

Gaztelugatxe itself is a small island located on the Biscay Coast, Basque. On this island, there is a church that is said to be dedicated to John the Baptist.

It is said that after arriving at the church, you have to ring the bell three times and make a wish.

To get to this island, you have to climb 241 steps on the stone bridge that connects this place.

  1. Fuente De

Located in the Province of Cantabria, Fuente De is a city that offers a beautiful landscape of the Picos de Europa Mountains. But not only that, many tourist destinations around Fuente De are interesting to visit, such as the Monastery of Santo Toribio de Lieban, Santa Maria Church, and Potes.

In this place, you can hike, bike, and ride horses to your heart’s content. In addition, not only the mountainous landscape, many other objects are no less interesting to capture such as the Cantabrian capercaillie, griffon vulture, golden eagle, black woodpecker, and the Cantabrian brown bear.

  1. Poniente Beach

If you are looking for a beach with various facilities, then this beach is the place.

Having a modern feel, Poniente Beach has many facilities, such as resorts, restaurants, clubs, bars, and various recreational facilities.

To add to the experience, you can try the water sports offered at this place. Poniente Beach is located in the City of Benidorm on the Mediterranean Coast.

Launching from Barcelo, this beach is the widest in the city with a length of about 3 kilometers and a width of 74 meters.

  1. the Tabernas Desert

Visiting a desert in Europe is a rare opportunity, considering that there is only one dessert on the continent. Yes, that desert is the Tabernas Desert.

This desert is located in the Province of Almeria. Due to its similar landscape, this desert has earned the nickname “Europe’s Wild West”. And because of this, this place has also been used as a shooting location for many popular films, such as the “spaghetti westerns” films.

Because private vehicles are prohibited from entering this area, you can use the services of a travel company from a local company to take a tour around the desert. In this place, tourists will also find lots of trails for hiking and walking.

Apart from what has been described above, one thing to keep in mind when visiting a place is to always keep nature alive. This applies not only in the five places above but wherever you are.