5 Best Tourist Destinations in Seville, a City Full of Civilizations!

5 Best Tourist Destinations in Seville, Spain

Seville is the 4th largest city in Spain and is an autonomous region of Andalusia. This city gets a lot of Islamic touches because in the 8th century it became the territory of the Umayyad Dynasty. Therefore, there are many beautiful buildings with Islamic nuances that you can visit in Seville.

If you want to make Seville your vacation. Here are 5 of the best tourist destinations in this city that you shouldn’t miss. Check out the following review!

  1. Seville Cathedral

When Christianity began to take over Islam in Spain, many mosques were turned into cathedrals. One of them is the Seville Cathedral. With a length of 126 meters width of 83 meters and a height of 37 meters, this cathedral is the 3rd largest cathedral in the world.

This cathedral also has many beautiful domes, chapels, and glass windows. In addition, there are charming arches and decorations on the ceiling of this building. Don’t forget to visit the tomb of the discoverer of the Americas, Christopher Columbus.

  1. Alcazar

The city of Seville holds a lot of history, art, and culture that is very deep. All of that can be proven by a visit to Real Alcazar de Sevilla. When entering the courtyard of this building there is a beautiful and charming garden.

When you start to go inside, you will be presented with amazing ornaments. If you look in more detail, the ornaments you see are a mix of Islam, renaissance, and baroque. It’s so beautiful!

  1. Mezquita

The Mezquita is a cathedral in Spain that was formerly the Mosque of Cordoba. Until now, UNESCO recognizes that the Mezquita is one of the most important and most historic relics in the world.

How not, the beauty of Islamic-style architecture in this building is very charming. Plus calligraphy ornaments are the most exotic decorations in this building. For foreign and domestic tourists, this destination is the most crowded prima donna to capture. So are you!

  1. Medina Azahara

A visit to Seville would not be complete without a visit to Medina Azahara, an ancient city 13 km from Seville. The name of this city comes from the Arabic, Medinat Alzahra, which means shining city.

The meaning is so attached to this ancient city considering that Medina Azahar was the most strategic and crowded place to visit at that time. However, this ancient city has been quiet and has returned to life after changing its function to become the best tourist destination in Seville.

  1. Plaza de Espana

Plaza de Espana is one of the most beautiful plazas in the world. The plaza, which was built in 1928, is often the most recommended destination to visit. The beauty presented by this building radiates from the floor, and walls, to the roof.

For those of you who want to capture memories of traveling in Seville, don’t forget to visit this one place. This majestic and charming building can be the best photo background that will become your eternal memory companion!