5 Assorted Spanish Breads, Diverse and Appetizing

5 Assorted Spanish Breads, Diverse and Appetizing

A visit to a country is incomplete without tasting its flagship menu. One of the dishes can be bread with various shapes, sizes, and tastes.

Spain is famous for the variety of bread that are successful in spoiling the tongue. Some are shaped like rings and some have eggplant toppings.

Here are 5 varieties of delicious Spanish bread that you shouldn’t miss.

  1. Hornazo

Hornazo is a dish made by stuffing bread with pork, hard-boiled egg, and chorizo. This bread is generally made of flour and yeast.

The top of the bread is generally nicely decorated with various shapes made from the same dough. Currently, hornazo has a wider variety of fillings, such as ham, cheese, tuna, to salmon.

  1. Roscon de Reyes

Roscón de Reyes is a bread that is identical to its shape that resembles a ring. This bread is made from a sweet leavened dough mixed with sugar and candied or dried fruit on top.

This bread has a beautiful visual with a variety of interesting decorations. Roscón de Reyes is not only popular in Spain, but also in France, Portugal, and Latin America under a different name.

  1. Coca de recap

A coca de recapte is a thin bread consisting of a bread dough base topped with eggplant and roasted peppers. This bread also comes with tomatoes and onions.

In this modern era, many people add coca de recapte with several variations of toppings, such as sausage, fish, to thinly sliced ​​meat.

  1. Mollete

Mollete is a traditional bread that has now developed into bread that is combined with various foods. This bread is made from a combination of yeast, plain flour, whole wheat flour, salt, sugar, milk, and olive oil.

Molletes are usually sliced ​​into 2 halves, then can be filled with fresh vegetables or flavored jams.

  1. Pan Gallego

Pan Gallego is a dry bread that can be characterized by a soft and chewy crumb. This uniquely shaped bread has lots of air pockets and a tough crust.

Pan Gallego is generally made of wheat flour or Trigo Gallego, salt, and large amounts of water. In making this bread, it takes a long time to rise, about 3 hours. However, the long time will be paid for with the delicacy obtained.

While traveling to various tourist destinations in Spain, the various bread above can accompany your trip. It seems curious, right?