10 Interesting Tourist Attractions in Barcelona, ​​the 6th Most Beautiful City in the World

10 Interesting Tourist Attractions in Barcelona, Spain

Who doesn’t know Barcelona? Yes, Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain. This city is located in the southern part of Europe and is famous for its climate which is quite warm compared to some other countries in Europe. This city is also included in the ranking of the 6 most beautiful cities in the world in 2019 by Flight Network.

Barcelona has many beautiful places that are crowded with tourists. Starting from gardens with beautiful views to fresh and beautiful hills, here are some interesting tourist destinations in Barcelona that must be visited.

  1. Casa Mila

Casa Mila is an apartment designed by one of the world’s leading architects, Antoni Gaudi. This building is known by the local community as La Pedrera or “The Stone Mine” because of the conventionally carved buildings.

This building can be visited by the general public. However, for the time of visit, you should visit Casa Mila before 18.30 local time because, at 19.00, this building is closed.

  1. Park Guell

This park in the city of Barcelona is also a park designed by architect Antoni Gaudi. This park is one of the must-visit places in Barcelona. Because of this park, visitors can enjoy a beautiful view of the city of Barcelona with the sound of music from street musicians there.

Tourists should visit this place in the afternoon so they can see the beautiful sunset view.

  1. Montjuic and Palau Nacional

Montjuic is a hill in the city of Barcelona. In this hill area, there is a beautiful building called the Palau Nacional.

Palau Nacional was built in 1929. Usually, in this area there are extraordinary performances performed such as laser shows or fountains with spectacular music.

  1. Plaza de Espana

Located in front of the Palau Nacional building in Barcelona’s stunning city square. The square is surrounded by beautifully architectural medieval buildings. We recommend that you visit this square at night so you can enjoy a beautiful night in Barcelona.

  1. Picasso Museum

About 5 kilometers from Montjuic, there is one museum that is crowded with tourists during the holiday season, the Picasso Museum. The museum was founded in 1963. It houses a collection of works by the famous 20th-century Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.

In addition, the museum also houses 4,251 works exhibited by world-famous painters.

  1. Gothic Quarter

About 600 meters from the Picasso Museum, there is a street that is quite famous in Barcelona, ​​namely the Gothic quarter. On this street, you can find many restaurants selling typical Spanish food.

Along this road is a suitable place to take pictures because it is surrounded by beautiful architectural buildings.

  1. Parc de la Ciutadella/Ciutadella Park

Parc de la Ciutadella or Ciutadella Park is a park on the northeastern edge of Ciutat Vella, Barcelona. The park is 400 meters from the Picasso Museum. In this park, visitors can rent a rowing boat to circle Lake Ciutadella, you know!

  1. La Rambla

Not far from Ciutadella Park, there is one of the must-visit destinations for tourists in Barcelona, ​​namely La Rambla.

La Rambla is a street in central Barcelona. This tree-lined avenue stretches for 1.2 kilometers connecting Placa de Catalunya to the Christopher Columbus Statue in Port Vell.

At La Rambla, visitors can find various restaurants selling Spanish specialties, lodging, and several spots to take pictures and relax.

  1. Casa Battlo

The building which is almost similar to Casa Mila is named Casa Battlo. Yes, these two buildings are similar because they were designed by the same architect, namely Antoni Gaudi. For those of you who want to find a destination with lots of interesting photo spots, you can visit Casa Mila or Casa Battlo.

  1. FC Barcelona Museum

If you mention the word “Barcelona,” which comes to mind for some people, it must be the name of a football club which is usually abbreviated as “Barca”, right?

Well, for football lovers, if you visit the city of Barcelona, ​​it doesn’t feel complete if you don’t visit the FC Barcelona Museum. It is located not far from Barcelona Polytechnic University.

The FC Barcelona Museum contains Barcelona’s winning trophies, jerseys and shoes of past players, and the ball belonging to the Bara club.

Those are some tourist destinations in the City of Barcelona, ​​Spain. So, which places would you like to visit in Barcelona?