Come on, Visit 9 Cities with Cool Street Art in Italy!

If you speak Italian, perhaps the most famous are the colossal and ancient buildings and monuments that will be widely known. But cities in Italy also present beautiful and interesting art to enjoy, which comes from places that are neglected and also forgotten by many.

These places are like art galleries in open spaces. Contemporary art utilizes public spaces that change the gloomy face of the city to be more colorful. The following are some cities whose faces have changed to be more colorful and also attractive with murals that adorn the city walls.

  1. The City of Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy, in this city, you can find places with street art adorning the walls. Areas like Quadroro, Ostiense, San Lorenzo, and many others. This street artwork was created to restore abandoned areas so that they can come back to life.

An example of an area that you can visit is the Ostiense District, where the city has come to life with murals adorning its city walls. One example, Blu, a mysterious artist from Bologna who inscribed his work in Ostiense on an abandoned building called Fronte del Porto, looks unique with his work entitled Mille Volti or Thousands of Faces.

  1. City of Milan

Milan, hearing the word, of course, the word fashion comes to mind. This city is not only about fashion, the street art in this city must be visited when you stop in the city of Milan. You can see the works of these street artists in areas such as Via Conchetta, Leon Cavallo, Basilica di San Lorenzo, Isola, and also in Niguarda.

One artist who is famous for his street art that criticizes capitalism and social problems is Blu, which you can see also adorning the city of Milan. You can see Blu’s work on Via Conchetta and Via Predil. Besides Blu, there is also Sten Lex, 108, and many others, whose works you can see adorning the walls in the city of Milan.

  1. City of Turin

Street art or street art sometimes has the aim of reviving an abandoned area. One example is the area called Barriera di Milano, in the City of Turin. After being neglected for a long time, the city council hopes for a change in the atmosphere of the city by inviting street artists to come to give life to the public spaces.

One artist named Francesco Camillo Giorgino or better known as Millo won the “Habitat” project organized by the city council and can draw in 13 public spaces with his work. His work depicts a giant man in a monochromatic style that depicts the relationship between humans and their environment.

  1. City of Palermo

You can see murals or wall paintings in Palermo City on foot or by bicycle. His street art adorns the worn and frail walls. The murals that adorn the walls in the city of Palermo are the work of artists whose work has been widely known to decorate cities in Italy, with a smaller size than in other cities.

You can see the walls of the old city of Palermo which are decorated with various murals in several places in Palermo City. You can find street artworks in Palermo here, one of which is in the Vucciria district, a mural by Hopnn with a distinctive color. Besides the Vucciria district, you can also see other street art in the Ballaro, Capo, or Kalsa areas.

  1. Bologna City

Bologna is a city that is also rich in street art that adorns its city walls. Many artists contributed to decorating the walls of abandoned buildings in Bogona City. Their abilities have changed the atmosphere of a gloomy city with its old buildings to be more colorful and also more lively.

Wall paintings or murals in the City of Bologna, some of which are quite large, and are usually located outside the city center. You can enjoy the work of these street artists by bicycle and by using a digital map. Unfortunately one well-known artist from Bologna, his Blu work can no longer be seen after he deleted it as a form of protest.

  1. The City of Naples

Another city whose street art is not to be missed is Naples. Naples is also a city filled with interesting and original street art. The works of these Street artists not only make the city more beautiful, but their work is a great attraction for people visiting the city of Naples.

A large mural of the football legend Maradona adorns the facade of the Via Taverna. In addition, there is also a place called Merola Park of Ponticelli which presents four works by famous street artists whose place is now known as the Mural Park, and many other works of very large size.

  1. City of Parma

Parma had a mural project called Parma street view in 2014 to restore the walls of the city to life. The project started by drawing a mural that was made collectively using an area of ​​250 meters. The work is on the twelve walls of the bay at the G.Marconi Language School.

Now when walking in Parma City, you will find many public spaces filled with works of art from young local and international artists. You can see their works decorating the walls on the subways in Via Trento, and Ponte Europa, then there are also Viale Toschi, Viale Piacenza, and many other places.

  1. Bari City

The city of Bari in Italy is also a place where you will be able to see works of street art that make the city feel different. Street artworks in this city were created to encourage public spaces can be regenerated so that they look more beautiful.

There are several places in Bari where you can see some artwork in the form of wall paintings. In downtown Bari, you can see street art dedicated to a famous artist named Ennio Morricone. Places like the San Cataldo area, as well as in Piazza Diaz, and many others, are where you’ll find murals that are quite well known.

  1. City of Pisa

Pisa is probably better known to many people for its leaning towers. But the uniqueness of Pisa is not only its leaning tower but the contemporary art of its wall paintings that give a different feel to the city of Pisa. You can explore the city to see works by street artists who come from all over the world.

One work of art that can be seen in the City of Pisa is the work of Keith Haring with his Tuttomondo adorning the walls of the church of Sant’Antonio depicting happiness and love for life. Apart from Keith, you can also find works from Blub, Exit enter, Ozmo with Galileo Galileinya, and contemporary art by Moneyless.

Those are some cities that you can visit in Italy which are famous for their street art. Now walking in a city is not only visiting historical buildings but there are also new activities that you can do without spending a lot of money. You can walk around the city and see works of art in public spaces, like being in an art gallery.

Although there are still many who think of this kind of art as vandalism, there are also those who think of using this street art as an effort to change the city’s atmosphere in a more positive direction and can be accepted by many people. The works of art that adorn these cities are no less beautiful. Which city do you find interesting with its street art?