Not only the Colosseum, but these are also 5 must-visit places when you’re in Rome

Not only the Colosseum, but these are also 5 must-visit places when you’re in Rome, Italy

Talking about the landmarks of Rome in Italy, definitely not far from discussing the Colosseum. This gladiator fighting arena is one of the most important historical sites in the country and one of the most popular in the world.

But instead of just going to the Colosseum, there are many places full of history and amazing classic buildings in the Italian capital. And 5 of them, must be included in your travel list if you have the opportunity to visit this ancient city.

  1. The Pantheon

It is still a mystery when exactly the Pantheon was built, but based on calculations it is estimated that this building is around 2000 years old. According to history, the Pantheon was built as a temple offering to the gods and it can be seen from the name Pantheon which means “honoring all gods”.

In its architectural beauty, the Pantheon is an ancient building that is unique and full of mystery because it is different from other ancient building designs in Rome. The Pantheon building has an architecture like a modern building even though it was made in ancient times.

It was also stated that this building has material elements similar to the materials commonly found in modern buildings. It is still not known exactly how this happened, but the fact is that the Pantheon is an ancient building that has survived from time to time for thousands of years without much damage or reconstruction.

The most interesting part of the Pantheon, of course, is the giant dome which has no windows at all except for one source of light falling into the room which is located directly above the dome. The hole is dubbed the eye of the Pantheon or Oculus.

  1. Pyramid of Cestius

Have you ever thought about the possibility of pyramids in Europe or not? If you feel ‘maybe there’, then the possibility is true. The Pyramid of Cestius or the pyramid of Cestius is the only pyramid in Europe and is located right in the city of Rome, Italy.

The Pyramid of Cestius was not the only pyramid that was built at that time, but there are several others scattered throughout the city of Rome. One of them and the so-called largest is the Pyramid of Romulus which is located close to Castel Sant’ Angelo.

But unfortunately, the building suffered total damage until it was destroyed and the materials from the building were then used to build St Peter’s Basilica. Now, only the pyramid of Cestius remains and the purpose of the construction of this pyramid is as a tomb for important figures, namely Romulus and Remus.

  1. Castel Sant’Angelo

More than just an ancient castle with amazing architecture, Castel Sant’Angelo is also a historical witness to the many bloodsheds in the wars that have taken place there. This building is estimated to have been built around 135 to 139 BC.

Castel Sant’Angelo was first built as a residence and molasseum for ancient Roman rulers. Emperor Hadrian and his family are also known as the Mausoleum of Hadrian. For thousands of years, in front of this place, there have been many wars where one of which occurred in the 14th century when this castle took an important role in the construction of an overpass connecting Rome and the Vatican.

The road which was dubbed Passeto di Borgo at that time was also used as a prison or rather an execution place where prisoners were left to starve to death there. Today, this place as well as the entire Castel Sant’Angelo is one of the biggest tourist attractions when visiting Rome.

  1. Roman forum

Full of ancient Roman ruins, temples, and various charming spots, the Roman Forum is the most captivating and amazing archaeological site that must be visited when visiting Rome. This forum is a place of ancient ruins that in the past was the main center for the activities of the ancient Romans including politics.

This is where the ancient Romans celebrated various victories and witnessed the funeral of the most famous leader in Rome, Julius Caesar. The body of the leader was cremated and his ashes were buried in one of the places in Caesar’s temple in this forum.

Although the exact location is unknown, to this day wreaths are still often seen left by visitors on the shrine’s altar.

  1. The Knights of Malta keyhole

Who would have thought that a keyhole at the villa gate could become a tourist attraction? Villa del Priorato in Malta is perhaps one of the most unusual villas in the world.

Built high above the Aventine hill and overlooking Rome, this villa belongs to the Knights of Malta or more accurately dubbed the Knights of St. John Hospitaler.

Only from the keyhole in the door of this villa, visitors can see a spectacular view across the streets of Rome, namely the St Peter’s Basilica building in the Vatican. This place is even more special considering that this villa is in the territory of an ancient Military order which is recognized by Italy as a sovereign order.

That means, being in this place is the same as being in three separate regions that are still within the city limits of Rome, namely Italy, the Vatican, and the Knights of Malta. Interesting right?

So, those were the five places you can explore while in Rome. Hope this helps in planning your vacation as best as possible!