9 Hidden Destinations in Italy, Travelers Must Know!

9 Hidden Destinations in Italy!

Italy is one of the countries in Europe that is often a traveler’s vacation destination. Consists of many magnificent and historic buildings, making Italy one of the countries full of the heritage of past civilizations.

Apart from the Colosseum and the Tower of Pisa, it turns out that there are still many hidden destinations in Italy that are still deserted to tourists, you know. Curious about anything? Come on, take a look at the following 9 hidden destinations!

  1. Antholz Valley is one of the alpine valleys located on the north side of Italy. Quiet from tourists, you must visit these hidden gems
  2. Lake Misurina is a natural beauty located in the dolomites mountain area. Decorated with views of the dolomites and a beautiful rural feel, this lake is one of the best in Italy
  3. San Marino is one of the oldest cities in the world, located on the south side of Venice, Italy. The city consists of many historical buildings that will take you to a time machine
  4. Lake Carezza or known as the “Fairy Tale Lake of the Dolomites” is hidden in Val d’Ega. According to legend, this lake is inhabited by a mermaid, you know!
  5. The fishing village, Camogli, is a tourist destination that is rarely visited by tourists. This beautiful and charming group of beaches makes Camogli one of the gems in Italy
  6. Asinara Island is a National Park located in Sardinia. Once upon a time, this island was a prison for prisoners with high crime rates. Interesting, huh?
  7. Alpe in Siusi is designated as one of the UNESCO World Heritage because of its charming beauty. Here you can ski and snowboard to go down the mountain
  8. Noto City has been named one of the UNESCO World Heritage because of the many historical buildings in it. One of the most famous is Noto Cathedral
  9. Finally, there is a small island called Procida. On this island, you can enjoy romantic dinners in small restaurants with beautiful views of the Bay of Naples

Those are the nine hidden destinations in Italy that are still deserted by tourists. Hidden gems that can’t be missed, right? Hopefully useful for those of you who are on vacation or planning a vacation to Italy!