9 Enchanting Portraits of Calabria, Italy’s Hidden Tourist Destinations

9 Enchanting Portraits of Calabria, Italy’s

Calabria, or what is often referred to as the ‘tip of the boot’, gets its name from its geographical location at the tip of mainland Italy. Its popularity is still less than that of Venice and Rome, making Calabria a hidden treasure of Italy. Check out nine places that can change your perception of Calabria below.

  1. Tropea

Tropea is a major tourist destination in Calabria. The beach is in the shape of a crescent moon. With the combination of bright blue sea water and white sand, the color of this beach changes to slightly turquoise and silver when the sun starts to dim in the afternoon.

Not only for beach lovers, but Tropea is also the right place to pamper your tongue because a variety of Italian specialties are served in this old city.

  1. Parco Nazionale della Sila

Sila National Park is one of the national parks recommended by many people, including travel agents. This place is suitable for those of you who want to enjoy nature and like to hike. It’s just that many say that it is poorly maintained even though this national park is in Italy, which has many cool tourist attractions.

  1. Scilla

Scilla is often referred to as Venice in the South or some call it ‘Little Venice’ because its beauty is indeed similar to Venice. You can still find some fishermen who work here still with traditional nets, even tourists can try fishing themselves. The village is beautiful and peaceful, also decorated with attractive house colors.

  1. La Riviera Dei Cedri

La Riviera Dei Cedri is a coastal area complete with cliffs. Before heading to the beach, you have to pass through an old village that is thick with the traditions and heritage of Byzantine civilization. Tourists can spend time strolling the charming headland of Policastro or on a historical tour by exploring some of the ancient churches and chapels.

  1. Parco Della Lavanda

This lavender garden is located in the province of Cosenza, a city located in the Crati Valley. This valley allows you to have a panoramic view of the mountains and highlands of Sila, Pollino, and Savuto that surround it. This garden is very instagenic and is always targeted by tourists who want to hunt for photos or just want to enjoy its beauty directly.

  1. Pentedattilo

The town of Pentadattilo is located on the Melito Porto Salvo fault, in the province of Calabria Region. It is situated on the cliffs of the Calvary mountains. The settlement also looks like perched on rocky rocks. In addition to the legend of mass murder in the past, this place is even more mysterious because it has been abandoned by all its inhabitants. Making it a ghost town that attracts curious tourists.

  1. Gambarie d’Aspromonte

Calabria is synonymous with coastal cities and oceans. Not wrong, but not one hundred percent right, because there is a region called Gambarie. A mountain that can turn into a mountain of snow for skiing in winter. In summer, it can be climbed as easily as a tropical forest.

  1. Castello di Santa Severina

Santa Severina is a city in the province of Crotone which has the nickname ‘the stone ship’. There is one castle as well as a cathedral that stands firmly and is clear evidence of the legacy of the Byzantine Empire in Europe. It is located between the Ionian Sea and the Sila Mountains. When viewed from a distance it does look like a ship made of stone.

  1. Cattolica di Stilo

Lastly, there is a Byzantine church at the foot of Mount Consollino. Her name is Cattolica di Stilo, located in the city of Stilo which does save a lot of historical and artistic value. This church itself has a different design from the others and still stands strong, striking among the ancient buildings that surround it.

If you are lucky to be able to go to Italy, you may make Calabria an anti-mainstream tourist destination.