8 Classic Stylish Places in Palermo That Can Be A Vacation Destination

8 Classic Stylish Places in Palermo, Italy

Its position as the capital of the autonomous region of Sicily in Italy makes Palermo a frequent destination for tourists from all over the world. Sicily does have its own exoticism, it is an Italian region bordering Tunisia and Malta.

This area has also been occupied by three civilizations in turn, starting from the Romans, Arabs, and back into the hands of Christian troops. No wonder you can find many interesting things in Palermo, here are eight of them.

  1. Cattedrale in Palermo

First built by Roman Catholics in 1185, this cathedral was once converted into a mosque and even a cemetery. There is the influence of Moorish culture from Arabia here which makes its design different from other cathedrals in Italy.

  1. Capella Palatina

It’s different again with this Palatine Chapel. His art was heavily influenced by Byzantine civilization. It is older than Palermo Cathedral and the inside is full of beautiful and classy mosaics. Dominated by gold color, this chapel looks very luxurious.

  1. Palazzo dei Normanni

As the name implies, this building was once the palace of the Kingdom of Sicily. It is adjacent to the Palatine Chapel. The location that you can access in this building is the terrace in the middle of a very magnificent building, filled with hallways, high pillars, and artifacts. When you come here, you can get two classic tourist spots at once.

  1. La Martorana

Another name is the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Admiral, a church that again keeps a variety of works of art in it. Mosaics and carvings adorn the entire interior of the building.

If the Palatine Chapel is dominated by gold, this church is dominated by blue. The location is close to several other classic tourist spots in Palermo such as Pretoria
Fountain and Quattro Canti.

  1. San Giovanni degli Eremiti

The uniqueness of this church is the shape of the dome which is similar to a mosque. Again because of the influence of the Moors who once ruled this region. This church is quite small in size and is located behind the Palazzo dei Normanni. If you take a picture from above, they are indeed located close together.

  1. Teatro Massimo

This is a theater that is lined to be the largest in Italy. Compared to some of the previous church buildings, this building is quite new. It was built in 1897 and is open to the public although no shows or films are shown. This building was also used as a shooting location for the Godfather movie.

  1. Quattro Canti

This is an intersection surrounded by classic and elegant buildings all around. In each of the buildings, you will find marble carvings and statues of one of the most important people in Italy. Its symmetrical shape and stunning artwork make this location always visited by tourists.

  1. Fontana Pretoria

Not far from Quattro Canti, you can find a fountain that is no less artistic than the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Around the fountain you will find twelve marble statues depicting gods in Greek mythology such as Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo and Ares.

Salute to Italy’s consistency in taking care of their old buildings as cultural heritage. Now they have become a timeless tourism potential.