5 Tourist Attractions in Vicenza, Italy, The Architecture Amazes You

5 Tourist Attractions in Vicenza, Italy

Located between Verona and Venice, Vicenza is on the edge of the Po plain just below the Dolomite foothills. Vicenza is included in the UNESCO list of world heritage cities featuring many medieval buildings.

The city of Vicenza was part of the Venetian empire in the 1404-the 1700s. Various tours in the city of Vicenza contain many works of art that are very stunning and spoil the eye. No wonder this city is a destination for foreign tourists who want to see works of art in a neoclassical style.

Here are some recommended tourist attractions in Vicenza. Curious? Check out the following information.

  1. Basilica Palladiana

Basilica Palladiana is a fairly large church. Previously this building was not erected as a church, but as a meeting place for the Supreme Council, where the first floor was used as a large exhibition venue.

Basilica Palladiana has a beautiful and elegant building architecture with a gothic-style design model and a little neoclassical touch. In front of the western end of the Basilica stands a marble statue of Palladio. The church itself was built between 1549 and 1614.

  1. Corso Andrea Palladio

Corso Andrea Palladio is the main street of the city of Vicenza, which is filled with several magnificent and luxurious palaces. There are several palaces designed by Palladio, a famous architect in this city.

Half an hour from this city you will see how magnificent the palace of Palazzo Del Comune, the famous architectural design named Vincenzo Scamozzi was built in the early 17th century. On the west end of the city, there is also a palace that is no less magnificent called Palazzo Bonin and Palazzo Zileri Dal Verme.

  1. Museo Civico

Next up is the Museo Civico, a well-known classical-style museum, located at the northeastern tip of Corso. Now the Museo Civico has become one of the famous buildings that are works of art for the city of Vicenza.

On the ground floor of this museum, there is a slick archaeological collection, entering the main floor you will be presented with some collections of historic Italian paintings, by famous painters such as Bartolomeo Montagna and Giovanni Buonconsiglio.

  1. Santa Corona

Santa Corona is an old church built in the 13th century which is now used to store relics of the past. These items include sacred relics, famous paintings, and a crown, all of which are still neatly lined up in this museum.

More interestingly, in this church, there is a chapel with a classic style like a magnificent palace. Not only that, it is reported that Andrea Palladio was also buried in this church, you know.

  1. San Lorenz

Finally, there is San Lorenzo which is a Roman church that was built in 1280-1344. The location is not far from the city, about 1-hour using public transportation so you can enjoy the beauty of this church.

San Lorenzo has a beautiful main door, the interior is no less magnificent than other churches. In this church, you can find some medieval paintings by Bartolomeo, and an old tomb that is right inside this church.

Unexpectedly, it turns out that in the small town of Vicenza there are many interesting tourist destinations to visit. So what are you waiting for? If you want to vacation there, this article can be a reference for you to choosing a tourist spot.