5 Tourist Attractions in Como-Italy, Lots of Fun Spots that Don’t Make Your Bored

5 Tourist Attractions in Como, Italy

Located in the northern region of Italy, Como is a city renowned for its natural beauty.

The city is said to have been inhabited since the Bronze Age by Celtic tribes and during the Middle Ages was part of the Roman Empire. No wonder this city until now still has traces of history emblazoned on the architecture in every corner of the city buildings.

If you want to visit Como, the following tourist attractions can be your reference.

  1. Lake Como

One of the largest and most beautiful lakes in Italy, Lake Como is a mandatory destination that has become a tourist icon for the City of Como. This lake has an area of ​​​​approximately 146 square kilometers and has clean water and cool air.

An exciting activity that you can do on this lake is to go around by boat. Or, you can also take a stroll through the medieval towns dotted on each lakeshore with their various historical sites.

  1. Cernobbio

Cernobbio may be said to be the largest old town on the shores of Lake Como which has spectacular views. It’s no wonder that many tourists always take the time to visit this city after visiting Lake Como.

Medieval buildings have always been a favorite photo spot for tourists. If you want to enjoy this city from a height, you can go to Monte Bisbino which will offer a 360-degree view of Cernobbio and Lake Como.

  1. Brunate Funicular

The Brunate Funicular is a cable car that will take you to the city of Brunate above the mountains. Along the path that you pass, you will be treated to an extraordinary view of the City of Como.

Especially when you reach the top of the mountain or in Brunate City, you will find many restaurants that provide observation points.

For those of you who like to climb, you can climb higher to the top of Mount Boletto for a more stunning panorama.

  1. Como Cathedral

Built in the 14th century, Como Cathedral has a quite beautiful architectural design. This building is considered the most impressive in the Gothic style and features an artistic stone facade.

The interior is even lavishly decorated and furnished with gold artwork. Many tourists come to Como Cathedral just to see and take photos of the background. This makes many people think that this is the main landmark of the city besides Lake Como.

  1. Como Archaeological Museum

Located near Como Cathedral, the Como Archaeological Museum has a wide collection of artifacts found throughout Como. Most of the collections date back to ancient Greece and relate to the history of the city.

The objects found were in the form of pottery, jewelry, agricultural tools, and many others. This is suitable for use as an educational tourist destination because it includes information about various objects that will add to your insight.

Como has many interesting and eye-catching exciting tourist attractions. That’s why this city is often a favorite staycation location for tourists from all over the world.