5 Tourist Attractions in Bari-Italy That Have Many Classic Buildings

5 Tourist Attractions in Bari, Italy

Bari is known as a port city and university city in Italy. The city which is often nicknamed San Nicolás City is also the second most important economic center in Southern Italy after Naples.

Regarding tourist attractions, this city is also no less cool than other big cities, such as Rome or Milan. With a long history, the city has many classic historical buildings. Some of these historical tours can be your destination when visiting Bari.

  1. Basilica di San Nicola

Built between 1087 and 1197, it is the oldest church in Bari known for its history. The Basilica di San Nicola is an important pilgrimage destination for Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians because several important figures are buried in it.

The church is square which is quite wide. It could be said that it was more suitable for a castle than a church. The Basilica di San Nicola is considered to house one of the most famous Roman sculptures in the form of the seat of the Diocese.

  1. Piazza Mercantile

Piazza Mercantile is the main square in Bari which has been the center of commercial activity since the 14th century. This square is located south of the historical center of Bari or about 1.3 kilometers from Bari Centrale.

At Piazza Mercantile, you can find the 16th-century clock tower or what is commonly called the Palazzo delSedile. However, since the 19th century, this square began to lose its place as a commercial center as the public building moved to Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

  1. Castello Svevo

Built-in 1132, the castle was destroyed a few years later and rebuilt and expanded to what it is today in 1233. However, when it was in the hands of the King of Naples, the castle was converted into a prison.

Today, its majestic buildings have been converted into historical sites and museums. The charming architecture makes Castello Svevo always a tourist icon in Bari and is fully protected by the government from collapse.

  1. Bari Cathedral

This stunning cathedral was built in the late 12th to 13th centuries. The cathedral occupies the former site of the cathedral’s ruins during the war-torn Byzantine Empire in 1156.

Bari Cathedral is one of the finest examples of Romanesque Apulian cathedrals in Italy. However, small renovations that are carried out continuously make a Baroque touch also decorate this castle.

  1. Palazzo Fizzarotti

Another artistic building in the center of Bari, especially not the Palazzo Fizzarotti. This historic building was designed by architect Ettore Bernich in 1910. Even though it is a new building, the medieval impression is still strong.

This building was formerly a luxurious palace which was later partially destroyed by modernization. Interestingly, Palazzo Fizzarotti has architecture and ornaments derived from the finest materials in Italy.

Bari saves many tourist destinations that are thick with history. Therefore, in this city, you will find many old buildings which of course have their charm. Interested in a vacation to Bari, Italy?