5 Delicious Parma-Italian Dishes, Make Your Stomach Satisfied!

5 Delicious Parma-Italian Dishes, Make Your Stomach Satisfied!

Italy is one of the European countries that are often the main tourist destination for holidays. In addition to being famous for its buildings that successfully amaze, this country also has a variety of interesting and delicious specialties to taste.

One of the areas that also have abundant culinary availability is Parma. This beautiful city has complete culinary delights that will spoil your tongue. Here are five recommendations that are sure to make you addicted.

  1. Prosciutto e melon

If you want to find an appetizer reference, then you can try prosciutto e melon. The freshness of this food makes it even more popular on hot summer days. What’s unique is that it is made of only two ingredients, namely melon pieces wrapped in prosciutto and then stabbed with a skewer.

However, if you want to make the taste richer, you can sprinkle it with balsamic vinegar. When making this dish, it is recommended to use only high-quality Italian prosciutto, which includes Parma or San Daniele.

  1. Tortelli

Tortelli is a pasta that has a variety of fillings to enhance its taste. This dish has many shapes, such as square, semicircle, or round and twisted. This dish has managed to gain popularity throughout Italy.

This food is then given more cheese as a topping. There is also an additional sauce made with butter and sage as a compliment.

  1. Tortelli d’erbetta

Tortelli d’erbetta is one type of pasta that must be tried when traveling in Parma. This delicious dish is made with Tortelli pasta containing a mixture of ricotta, egg, nutmeg, grated Parmigiano-Reggiano, and beet spinach or you can use regular spinach. While pasta is made with eggs, flour, and salt.

After all the ingredients are made, then the ingredients are cooked in boiling water until they are perfectly cooked. After all the processes are complete, then the pasta is combined with melted butter and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano to enrich the taste.

  1. Tortelli on Zucca

Although at first glance the shape of the Tortelli di Zucca is not similar to pasta, this dish is made with tortelli pasta with a pumpkin filling. The filling is generally made of pumpkin with a sweet taste, amaretto cake with a bitter taste, the famous savory parmesan cheese, and fruit mustard. The combination of these ingredients creates a unique and unusual taste, which is a favorite of many people.

Residents of this region traditionally serve it at the time of celebration of special occasions, such as Christmas Eve. At the time, it made the perfect match for sauces made with butter and sage.

  1. Parmigiana

Eggplant is a simple vegetable that can be turned into a special dish. One of them is parmigiana. Due to its fame, this dish is easily found throughout southern Italy. It is made with fried or grilled eggplant slices which are further coated in an ingredient such as a basil-flavored tomato sauce.

To make it even more delicious, topped with one or more of two types of cheese, such as mozzarella, pecorino siciliano, scamorza, and caciocavallo Silano. This dish can also be enjoyed with whole grain bread and french fries.

This variety of dishes from Parma can be your reference when traveling in this beautiful city. You don’t have to worry about being bored because this food will make you addicted once you try it!