10 Portraits of the Reopening of the Tower of Pisa in Italy, Really Exciting!

10 Portraits of the Reopening of the Tower of Pisa in Italy

Entering the new normal period, Italy has reopened several tourist destinations. One of them is the Tower of Pisa. This iconic building opened in conjunction with the Colosseum in Rome.

The Italian government hopes that with the reopening of several mainstay tours in Italy, the tourism sector can slowly recover. For approximately three months, the country’s tourism was completely paralyzed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What is the current state of the Tower of Pisa like after it reopened? Check out some of the photos below, come on!

  1. The Tower of Pisa is the bell tower of the cathedral in Italy. This building was built upright before finally tilting during construction in 1173
  2. After being closed for three months, the Tower of Pisa finally re-opened on June 1st
  3. The opening of this iconic destination coincides with the Colosseum in Rome to welcome the new normal in Italy
  4. Uniquely, the Tower of Pisa opened with a flash mob dance held by the local community. It aims to attract tourists
  5. The flash mob takes place in Miracle Square, right next to the Tower of Pisa. People who dance wear white clothes and masks
  6. Not only attracting the attention of tourists, but this dance is also intended to commemorate those who died due to Covid-19
  7. The Tower of Pisa remained deserted on its first day of reopening. The head of the Primaziale Pisana administration, Pierfrancesco Pacini, said no tourists had come to the flash mob event.
  8. Visitors who come to the Tower of Pisa can no longer walk around as they please. There are already signs that must be obeyed
  9. Almost every corner of this destination is guarded by officers to ensure visitors always wear masks and keep their distance
  10. The reopening of the Tower of Pisa is hope for residents, so that the Italian tourism sector will return to glory

These are some of the latest portraits of the Tower of Pisa in Italy after it reopened to tourists. Even though it looks like it’s still empty of visitors, the beauty of this leaning tower always amazes you, right? Hopefully, we can vacation here again soon, OK!