10 Portraits of the Colosseum of Rome in Italy that Reopen to Tourists

10 Portraits of the Colosseum of Rome in Italy that Reopen to Tourists

Italy is one of the European countries that has re-opened its tourism sector, although gradually. The Colosseum became the first tourist destination to open. The Roman-style building is always crowded with visitors.

The decision to reopen the Colosseum was taken because Italy has imposed a new normal. That way, the local government hopes that this can be a way to revive the tourism sector.

What is the current atmosphere of this oval-shaped tourist destination? Here are some portraits of the Colosseum after it was re-opened for tourists.

  1. The Colosseum, which is a mainstay tourist destination in Rome, Italy, opened again on June 1 after being closed for three months
  2. The decision was taken in support of the reopening of the Italian tourism sector to tourists from the European Union on 3 June
  3. The number of tourists is limited, only 300 visitors per day. This is done so that you can keep your distance from other tourists
  4. In fact, previously this tourist destination could accommodate up to 20 thousand visitors a day, as reported by The Guardian
  5. To reduce interaction between staff and visitors, Colosseum entrance tickets are only sold online
  6. Like other tourist destinations, visitors are required to wear masks. Body temperature checks are also carried out at the main door
  7. Even though it has been reopened, gladiator attractions are still not allowed. Thus, the atmosphere in the Colosseum feels very quiet
  8. Although the condition of the Colosseum is very quiet and not yet stable, the enthusiasm of visitors is still high. They are passionate about exploring
  9. When inside the location, visitors must maintain a distance of at least one meter. There are also medics if something bad happens
  10. The director of the Colosseum, Alfonsina Russo, believes this destination will be busy again if foreign tourists are allowed to come and the limit on the number of visitors is raised

Those are some of the portraits of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, which have been re-opened for tourists. The quiet and calm atmosphere makes tourists able to explore more freely. Hopefully, the coronavirus pandemic will pass soon, so we can vacation without worrying anymore, okay!