10 Most Popular Castles in Italy, Magnificent and Full of Historical Value!

10 Most Popular Castles in Italy

A vacation to Italy feels incomplete if you don’t visit the majestic castles considering this country is famous for its long history. These castles are a testament to how extraordinary Italian architecture has been since time immemorial.

In almost every corner of the country, you will find antique castles full of historical value, from Castel Sant’Angelo in the center of Rome to Sirmione Castle on the shores of Lake Garda. Here are ten recommended castles in Italy that must be included in your next vacation list!

  1. Castel Sant’Angelo was built in the 2nd century for the tomb of Emperor Hadrian. Once converted into a military fortress, now the castle is a museum
  2. Aragonese Castle in Ischia dates from 474 BC. Inside there are various paintings, crypts, museums, monasteries, and an elevator reaching the top
  3. Sforzesco Castle is a 15th-century fortress in the City of Milan. In this Renaissance-style castle, there is a museum containing ancient art tools and antiques
  4. The Three Towers of San Marino consist of the 11th-century Guaita, the 13th-century Cesta, and the 14th-century Montale. All three are amazing
  5. Castel dell’Ovo is the oldest castle in Naples. From above, tourists can get a stunning view of the bay and Mount Vesuvius
  6. La Scarzuola has 7 theaters, the Acropolis, and several caves. This castle is worth a visit as it offers a historical journey
  7. Sirmione Castle was built in 1277. There are suspension bridges, walkways, towers, and stunning crenulations walls
  8. Castel del Monte is flanked by 8 towers, each of which has 8 rooms. The castle is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site
  9. Visconti Castle seems to take you back in time. Near the castle is Piacenza Hill which is famous for its great wine
  10. FĂ©nis Castle is a fortress now converted into a museum with a collection of weapons, kitchenware, chapels, and other medieval items

In addition to presenting historical stories, castles in Italy also have an amazing architectural style. Even though it is hundreds of years old, a series of castle buildings still stand so firmly today. Don’t forget to visit the castles above when you have the chance to visit Italy, OK!