The Beauty of 8 Tourist Spots in Ischia, Italy’s Hidden Paradise

The Beauty of 8 Tourist Spots in Ischia, Italy’s

Ever watched the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley starring Jude Law, Matt Damon, and Gwyneth Paltrow? Most of the 1999 films took place in Ischia, which is on the Bay of Naples, Campania region, Southern Italy.

Ischia is one of Italy’s hidden paradises. This 29-square-kilometer volcanic island has stunning views of the blue Tyrrhenian Sea, fantastic beaches, natural hot spring baths, gardens, and historic buildings.

Here are 8 beautiful and interesting tourist destinations in Ischia that you must explore.

  1. Forio d’Ischia

This beautiful city has the beautiful church of Chiesa del Soccorso and the ancient tower that is now the Torrione Museum. There is also Giardini La Mortella, a Mediterranean garden with a collection of thousands of rare plants and charming white and pastel painted villas.

The beaches are very attractive. Citara Beach is home to Poseidon Thermal Gardens, one of the most famous natural hot spring gardens in Ischia. You can relax in the spa with 20 different temperature pools and a steam room located inside the cave.

  1. Chiesa del Soccorso

Chiesa del Soccorso is one of Ischia’s most beautiful landmarks. Overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, this white church was built in the 14th century and restored in the 18th century.

The beautiful scenery here is not to be missed. Not surprisingly, this spot has become a mandatory destination for foreign tourists.

  1. Negombo Thermal Gardens

Lacco Ameno, the smallest of Ischia’s six main cities, is arguably the prettiest. Some of the beaches have amazing views.

The most popular beach in San Montano. On this side of the beach, there is one of the main tourist attractions of Ischia, namely Negombo Thermal Gardens. The spa features a dozen natural hot spring pools with varying temperatures and a beach overlooking the stunning turquoise sea.

  1. Castello Aragonese

One of the most iconic and dramatic views of the Ischia landscape is Castello Aragonese, a castle built in the Middle Ages. This fortress-shaped castle in Ischia Ponte was built by Hiero I, a tyrant from the Sicilian region of Syracusa.

Control over the stone fort shifted between Neapolitans or the Naples and the Romans over the years. The name Aragonese comes from the royal family of Aragon because they participated in many of the structures of the castle.

  1. Maronti Beach

Maronti Beach is the largest beach in Ischia. The beautiful scenery, crystal clear water, and pleasant atmosphere make this beach attracts many tourists.

Maronti is located in Barano, the town in Ischia that embodies all the characteristics of the island, from hot springs to mountain walks, from seascapes to agricultural festivals.

  1. Sant’Angelo

This beautiful fishing village is located in Serrara Fontana, a municipality in Ischia. The houses here look so harmonious with the white paint and pastels typical of Mediterranean villages. The narrow winding streets are also beautiful in themselves.

Located between two bays, the views from Sant’Angelo over the Island of Capri and the Mediterranean Sea are breathtaking. Here there are various shops, restaurants, and cafes. You can sit back and relax in the cafe looking at the boats back and forth in the marina and the beautiful panorama of the Tyrrhenian sea.

  1. Baia di Sorgeto

Some of the most spectacular views in Ischia are in the pretty coves. Sorgeto Bay, located in Panza, a small village between Forio and Sant’Angelo, is one of Ischia’s hidden gems.

Sandwiched between two headlands, you must descend 200 steps to reach Sorgeto. If you find it difficult, you can take a boat there. The clear and sparkling bay water attracts tourists for swimming and snorkeling. What is unique about Sorgeto is the warm water. Even in winter, you can swim here. All thanks to natural hot springs that overflow into the sea.

  1. Ischia Porto

Ischia Porto is the capital of the island of Ischia, where most ferries come and go. With a population of only about 16,000 people, the city has plenty of restaurants, bars, clubs as well as boutiques, and shops.

Boutiques and shops open before and after dinner time. You can buy good handmade sandals, ceramics, and various handicrafts that are rich in unique colors and patterns. There is also a variety of natural skincare products such as masks and soaps based on thermal mud as well as lemon-scented fragrances that reflect the natural aroma of Ischia.

Well, those are 8 charming tourist spots that you can visit in Ischia. Very interesting right?