9 Interesting Facts about Mole Antonelliana, the Main Landmark of the City of Turin in Italy

9 Interesting Facts about Mole Antonelliana, the Main Landmark of the City of Turin in Italy

Turin is an industrial city and a cultural center in the northwestern region of Italy. This historical city has some interesting places that deserve to be added to your wishlist when on vacation to Pizza Land.

One of the attractions that should not be missed when visiting this city is the Mole Antonelliana. The Turin city icon has some facts that you must know before going there. Anything? The following information and some portraits.

  1. Mole Antonelliana has a name taken from the designer, namely Alessandro Antonelli who is a famous 19th-century Italian architect
  2. Mole Antonelliana was built in 1863 after the Italian Union or Risorgimento and was completed in 1889 after the architect died
  3. In the past, the Mole Antonelliana was designed and built as a synagogue for the Jews in Turin. However, the design was not liked by the Jews
  4. This most famous landmark in the city of Turin has suffered several times of damage caused by World Wars to natural disasters
  5. The Mole Antonelliana is considered the world’s tallest brick building built without a steel beam frame. Awesome, right?

Since 2000, Mole Antonelliana has been home to the Museo Nazionale del Cinema, a museum dedicated to the world of Italian cinema.

  1. This building is also claimed to be the tallest museum building in the world. Mole Antonelliana has a dome with a minaret of 167.5 m
  2. Mole Antonelliana has become a symbol for many international festivals and events, one of which is the 2006 Winter Olympics symbol
  3. This building is the name of one of the oldest derbies in Italian football, namely the “Derby Della Mole” between two giant Turin clubs, Juventus and Torino

Some facts and portraits of Mole Antonelliana are certainly an additional attraction to steal the attention of tourists. Missing a visit to this landmark when in Turin is a big mistake. Make sure you’ve added it to your wishlist, OK!