6 Attractions in Siena, Italy that Have Amazing Architecture

6 Attractions in Siena, Italy

Talking about tourism in Italy, of course, it is always closely related to historical buildings that have amazing architecture. This of course also applies to Siena which has been included in the list of UNESCO world heritage cities.

Siena has several tourist attractions that have charming architectural buildings, ranging from cathedrals, churches, and towers, to squares all built in beautiful art. Here are five attractions in Siena, Italy that have amazing architecture.

  1. Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta or Siena Cathedral has the best Gothic architecture in this country of Pizza. The building looks so amazing and has a very beautiful exterior and interior design.

Siena Cathedral was built in the 13th century and has been a city landmark for centuries. The cathedral was built using high-quality white stone and marble. Plus the wall paintings inside the building are the main attraction for tourists in the city of Siena.

  1. Piazza del Campo

The main square of the city of Siena or better known as Piazza del Campo has a beautiful view that is second to none. The buildings surrounding the square have medieval architecture that makes tourists marvel.

Some of the famous buildings in Piazza del Campo include the Torre del Mangia, Palazzo Pubblico, and the Fountain of Gaia. Cafes and several restaurants also always decorate every corner of this famous square.

  1. Palazzo Pubblico

Still located in the main square, Palazzo Pubblico is a 13th-century building that served as the seat of government for the Republic of Siena. This building is also equipped with a clock tower as high as 72 meters or commonly called Torre del Mangia.

The exterior features a gothic design with two-tone stone walls and arched windows, typical of a medieval building, making it look charming. What’s more interesting is that tourists can climb up to the top of the clock tower and see the spectacular view of Siena from a height, you know.

  1. Piazza Salimbeni

Piazza Salimbeni is a small square that is also still located in the historical center of Siena. In the past, this place had become the main square of the city before Piazza del Campo took over the status.

The square is also surrounded by historic buildings such as the Palazzo Tantucci, Palazzo Spannocchi, and the legendary Salimbeni Palace. Although relatively quiet, this place is highly recommended to visit, especially for those of you who like photography.

  1. Church of San Domenico

Started construction in 1226, the Church of San Domenico or Church of San Domenico initially only had a small size, before being expanded in the 14th century and looks like it today. This church is considered to have a mixture of styles that make it look artistic.

Although not as beautiful as the Siena Cathedral, the exterior of this church can be said to be one of the best in Italy. Beautiful frescoes and some marble statues can be found inside the Church of San Domenico.

  1. Palio de Siena

If you visit Siena on July 2, don’t forget to watch the Palio de Siena which is the most lively horse racing competition in Italy. Palio de Siena was first held in the 16th century but at that time buffalo and donkeys were used.

Later there will be many horsemen wearing colorful clothes racing around the Siena city hall area for three rounds. This activity has a purpose as a tribute to Mary who was taken to Heaven.

Those are some of the attractions in the city of Siena, Italy. The six names mentioned above can be used as a reference when one day you have the opportunity to vacation in the Land of Pizza.