5 Most Hits and Favorite Tourist Attractions in Florence, Italy

Favorite Tourist Attractions in Florence, Italy

September is a month that should be filled with fun things. One of them is by vacationing in the city of Florence, Italy which is full of works of art. This beautiful city is suitable to be visited by art lovers.

In addition to admiring all the existing buildings, visitors can also experience the life of the past by studying the works of art found in the palace and museum. Here are five tourist attractions in Florence, Italy that is the most hits and favorites.

  1. Uffizi Gallery

Uffizi Gallery is a fun tourist destination for art lovers. Some of his most valuable collections are Renaissance paintings by famous painters of his time. They can also admire the beauty of Michelangelo’s paintings.

There are also many statues with unique architecture. The museum also has an amazing design with the walls in the form of paintings.

  1. Medici Dynasty Show

Medici Dynasty Show is a place where theater performances are held. The show was held in a Baroque church. This show allows visitors to gain insight into the life and legacy of the Medici city rulers in ancient times. They will also know the importance and contribution of the section to the city.

The show usually lasts an hour. Music and humor are complementary parts of the show.

  1. Palazzo Pitti

Palazzo Pitti is a magnificent palace that is popular in this city. The palace is now turned into a museum. Galleria Palatina is a famous gallery in this building that exhibits spectacular works of art by famous artists such as Raphael and Titian.

In antiquity, this palace became the residence of the Renaissance. In addition, the museum is home to objects of historical importance and household items of the Medici rulers.

  1. Duomo Cathedral

Duomo Cathedral is a stunning cathedral dominated by whitish and greenish marble. This building, which has existed since the nineteenth century, took a long time, which is about one hundred and fifty years to complete the building.

There are many interesting things about this cathedral, from the internal areas that have stained glass windows, and the charming neo-Gothic architecture, to the canon doors that reach the dome area. There are also equestrian statues of ancient mercenaries and a graceful bell tower.

  1. Piazza Della Signoria

Piazza Della Signoria is a popular square in the city of Florence. This place became part of the front yard in ancient times. It is also home to the Medici family, who are the rulers of the city.

This area is filled with works of art that are pleasing to the eye. There are several sculpture galleries and places to eat near the square.

Florence can be a recommended tourist spot that will add to your cool photo collection. Hopefully, your vacation will be more colorful and unforgettable.