Top 5 Tours in Perugia-Italy, Featured Destinations Full of History!

Top 5 Tours in Perugia-Italy

Located in the central part of Italy, Perugia is known to most as a university city. The city is located about 148 kilometers north of the capital city of Rome. Not a few tourists also make this city a tourist destination when vacationing in the Land of Pizza.

There are many tourist destinations in this city. Just like most other cities in Italy, historical-themed tours are also featured in this city. What are the best excursions to Perugia? Here’s the list.

  1. Rocca Paolina

In the mid-19th century, Rocca Paolina experienced destruction after the Kingdom of Italy took over the government in Perugia. Today, the fort has been opened to the public and attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year.

  1. Piazza IV Novembre

As a very famous city square, Piazza IV Novembre is an area that has become a landmark of Perugia for centuries. Surrounded by historical buildings and monuments, this square is a great place to enjoy the beauty of the city of Perugia.

In the center of the square, there is a fountain that has been built since the 13th century, namely the Fontana Maggiore. On the west side of Piazza IV Novembre, there is also a large Gothic-style building known as the Palazzo dei Priori.

  1. Perugia Cathedral

Commonly referred to as the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, this Roman Catholic Cathedral began construction in 1345, dedicated to Saint Laurence. The attractive architecture of the building makes this cathedral one of the tourist destinations in Perugia.

The pink and white exterior stonework adds to the beauty of this cathedral when viewed from Perugia square. Inside, there is a beautiful 15th-century choir with a pulpit made of crushed stone.

  1. Sant’Arcangelo

One of the unique churches in Perugia is the Church of Sant’Arcangelo which is thought to have been built in the fifth century. This church has a very authentic circular shape like the Roman-era church in ancient times.

However, the current building of the Church of Sant’Arcangelo is not entirely from the first construction. Because at the beginning of the 20th century, this church underwent several renovations in parts that were badly damaged, such as some windows and doors.

  1. Passignano sul Trasimeno

To the west of Perugia, there is one of the largest lakes in Italy with an area of ​​128 square kilometers called Lake Trasimeno. However, most tourists who visit the lake are even more focused on the small town of Passignano Sul Trasimeno which is on the north side of the lake.

Yes, Passignano Sul Trasimeno is an ancient city area filled with very beautiful old settlements. In this ancient city area, some castles and churches were built between the 5th and 6th centuries.

Some of these tours in Perugia can be your reference when on vacation in Italy later. Because most tourist destinations in Perugia are related to history, it can be an alternative educational tour for anyone who visits it. How? Interested there?