The 10 Best Aquariums in the World That Can Be A Destination When You’re On Vacation

The 10 Best Aquariums in the World, Italy

An aquarium is a tourist place that has its charm for both local and foreign tourists. On the other hand, seeing the beauty of water creatures is not as easy as seeing the beauty of land animals in the zoo. Therefore, a large aquarium featuring a variety of sea creatures can be a special destination to explore.

Here is a list of the 10 best aquariums in the world according to Trip Advisor that you can visit while on vacation.

  1. Lisbon Oceanarium (Lisbon, Portugal)

To enjoy this best aquarium tour package, you need to spend as deep as IDR 300 thousand to IDR 5 million. Just choose the one that suits your needs.

  1. Ripley’s Aquarium Of Canada (Toronto, Ontario)

To enjoy the beauty of marine animals in this aquarium, you need to spend from IDR 360 thousand to IDR 420 thousand.

  1. Georgia Aquarium (Atlanta, Georgia)

You can watch the life of giant animals in the aquarium here. You only need to pay around IDR 600 thousand, you can be satisfied to see underwater life.

  1. Oceanographic Valencia (Valencia, Spain)

In Spain, there is an aquarium that is no less beautiful. You need to pay around IDR 10 million for a tour with 7 of your friends.

  1. Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies (Gatlinburg, Tennessee)

Rows of beautiful fish and other sea creatures are displayed here. You need to spend IDR 500 thousand to IDR 1.1 million to enter this aquarium.

  1. Monterey Bay Aquarium (Monterey, California)

Enough to spend Rp 680 thousand, you can visit the beauty of the sea creatures in this aquarium.

  1. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

If you go to Dubai, don’t forget to visit this beautiful aquarium. You can see ferocious animals there such as whales and sea sharks. The entry ticket price is around IDR 425 thousand.

  1. Acquario di Genova (Genoa, Italy)

You can enter and enjoy the aquarium by paying IDR 438 thousand. Not only the aquarium but there is also a museum and tropical garden here.

  1. Tennessee Aquarium (Chattanooga, Tennessee)

Furthermore, in this equally beautiful aquarium, you can explore by paying a ticket starting from IDR 270 thousand.

  1. Vancouver Aquarium (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Want to see jellyfish and other beautiful sea creatures? You can watch it in this aquarium by paying an entrance ticket of IDR 416 thousand.

How cool is the aquarium? It could be a destination choice for your next vacation!