7 Tours in Verona, Italy, the Enchanting City of Romeo and Juliet. Love Signs

7 Tours in Verona, Italy, the Enchanting City of Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet are fictional characters in the novel by the author, William Shakespeare. Having a tragic story, the love story of Romeo and Juliet became world famous. However, there is one thing that is inversely proportional to the story, namely the city that is the background of Romeo and Juliet’s story, Verona.

Charming, this romantic city in Italy besides Venice is also one of the historic cities in the country of origin the pizza. His name is also included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

There are many relics from the time of the Roman Empire, here are seven tours that you can stop by while in Verona.

  1. Arena of Verona

The amphitheater is identical to the relics of the Roman Empire. Not only Rome, but Verona also has it! Built around the first century, the Arena of Verona was once buried by the ground because of its location on a hillside. Until finally the amphitheater was rediscovered and underwent a period of excavation starting from 1904-to 1939. Now, the Arena of Verona is the venue or home of the Verona Jazz Festival when summer arrives.

  1. Giardino Giusti

Being one of the best Renaissance gardens in Italy, if you visit Verona it is mandatory to stop by this beautiful garden. The composition of Giardino Giusti’s garden is filled with centuries-old cypress trees, hedges of a maze of plants, and statues of the Roman Empire heritage. Relax to photography, fun activities that are never missed by tourists while here.

  1. Piazza dei Signori

The Alighieri Dante Monument, built in 1865, is an identical spot on the Piazza dei Signori. This place is none other than the administrative center of Verona during the Roman Empire. Loggia del Consiglio, Palazzo del Podesta, Palazzo dei Tribunali, Palazzo dei Giudici, Arco della Fortuna, and Casa Della Pieta, the old buildings that inhabit the Piazza dei Signori.

  1. Juliet’s House

Not a real Juliet’s house! Because Verona is already famous as the city of Romeo and Juliet’s love sign, in 1930 the Verona city government deliberately added this tourist attraction to attract tourists’ attention.

Inspired by William Shakespeare’s novels, Juliet’s House is neatly arranged with furniture, displays, and other collections of items that make a real impression if the fictional character does exist.

  1. Castelvecchio

Now a museum, Castelvecchio was once a fortress founded by Cangrande II of the Della Scala family in 1354–1356. At Castelvecchio, every visitor can witness the restoration work led by architect Carlo Scarpa, from 1959-to 1973. Not only that, visitors can observe other museum collections in the form of gold, ceramics, ancient weapons, paintings, statues, and old bells.

  1. Piazza Delle Erbe

Want a culinary tour in Verona? Just visit Piazza delle Erba. Just like Piazza dei Signori, this area is the square where in Roman times was the market. Piazza delle Erbe is surrounded by historic buildings such as the Palazzo Maffei, Casa dei Mercanti and Case dei Mazzanti.

Not only culinary, before traveling to the next destination you can also buy cute and unique souvenirs in this square. The hallmark of Piazza Delle Erbe, there is a statue of the Madonna Verona fountain.

  1. Torre Dei Lamberti

If Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Verona has the Torre Dei Lamberti, a tower with a height of 84 meters that has been standing since the 12th century by the Lamberti family. It is said that in ancient times, the tower was a symbol of their power and wealth. That’s why they show it off by making towers.

Not only that, Torre Dei Lamberti has a function as a place for supervision. The historic buildings of Verona and the Mountains of the Lessinia Regional Park are super beautiful views that can be seen by visitors from this tower.

Although the tours that are presented are serene views of old historic buildings. Guaranteed, you will not be bored with this clean, beautiful, and of course charming city. This could be an alternative romantic destination in Italy, apart from Venice.