5 Best Beach Tours in France, Unforgettable Natural Beauty!

Best Beach Tours in France

France is a country that has the best tourism sector in the world. Every year, the country is always visited by many foreign tourists. However, most of these tourists focus a lot on traveling to the Eiffel tower and various other historical buildings.

Many do not know, that France is also known for its stunning natural tourist attractions, one of which is the charm of its beautiful beaches. Offers a wide expanse of sand and the stunning natural beauty of the surroundings. Here are five amazing beaches found in the territory of France, as follows.

  1. Etretat Beach

The beauty of Etretat beach has invited many famous painters who want to make this place the object of their paintings. As reported by the Lelongweeknd page, on the west side of the Etretat beach there is a towering white limestone cliff that offers spectacular natural views. In addition, this beach also has a stretch of white sand with a soft texture.

Etretat Beach is in the Normandy region which takes a two-hour drive from the capital Paris. This place is always crowded with tourists on weekends.

  1. Deauville Beach

Another stunning beach in the Normandy region is Deauville beach. Many supporting facilities are offered to tourists in this place such as colorful umbrellas that line the beach and there are special paths for pedestrians. Since 1880, this place has hosted various international water polo sports competitions.

Around the beach, you will easily find restaurants to enjoy a variety of local specialties. There are also magnificent hotel buildings, casinos to bars that you can visit.

  1. Bourouilles Beach

Boutrouilles Beach has a quieter and calmer atmosphere because this place is not too crowded with tourists. This is what makes Boutrouilles beach the best destination to relax the mind.

This place presents a charming natural panorama with white sand and clear blue seawater. What is unique, on the shores of Boutrouilles beach there are rows of large granite stones that visitors can walk on it.

  1. Donnant Pantai Beach

Donnant Beach is located in the South Brittany region which is known for its very wide and beautiful coastal area. Reporting from the Familydestinationsguide page, this beach has a unique shape of sand that is colored like coffee beans.

One of the favorite activities that are often done by tourists is swimming by the sea in a predetermined area. In July and August, there will usually be a lot of lifeguards standing by to keep an eye on visitors who are swimming.

  1. Paloma Beach

Since 1920, Paloma beach has become a tourist icon of the Saint Jean Cap Ferrat area. The beauty of Paloma beach invites many world celebrities to spend their vacation time in this place.

Having clear sea water and beautiful coral reefs make Paloma beach the best destination for snorkeling in France. Along the beach, you will see many tourists sunbathing while looking at the beautiful open sea.

Well, those are some amazing beach destinations in France. Some of these beaches offer supporting facilities to support comfort for tourists.